It takes me back!

Today the kids and I were checking out a brand new Whole Foods that just opened near us.  We shop at Whole Foods all the time, but this location is much closer.  Plus, it’s new :)

Today I saw something that took me back to my Junior High days and an old favorite! I saw a blue package, the triangle shape chip, and then….the word RANCH!


Could it be?  Could these possibly taste as good as my old favorite?


I stopped eating the Doritos brand years ago because they have artificial coloring in them, along with other stuff I can’t pronounce.  I’ve missed them though.

But these Kettle TIAS! taste just like the Doritos…only better! No MSG, no artificial coloring…just yummy-ness!


I used to dip the Cool Ranch Doritos in Hidden Valley Ranch dressing!  Good use of my lunch money, right?  Tonight, I just couldn’t resist.  I had to try it with these.  It was as good as I remember. 

Too bad I can’t kick my Hidden Valley Ranch dressing habit.  We try to avoid MSG and to eat mostly organic or all natural so I’ve tried.  I’ve tried so many other brands, and they just don’t compare.  I did get excited recently when I saw a Hidden Valley ORGANIC Ranch dressing.  No MSG!  Also… taste! At least, not the same taste as the “original” version.  I guess it’s the MSG that makes it so good.  Too bad.  I do limit my intake, but I just can’t get rid of it completely.


So, what are some of your old favorites that take you back?  Come on, share!  I can’t be the only one!

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  • Homegirl

    I share your Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing love, sistah! And not their pre-made stuff in the bottle – it’s gotta be the packet. And like you, we’re try hard to avoid MSG and stuff like that but I still love HVRD. :-)

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