Trampoline School

Back in November, we took advantage of an online Black Friday special and bought a trampoline for the backyard.  Unfortunately, for the last 2 months it has been sitting in the box in our storage closet. 

First we had to wait until Daddy returned from his deployment right before Christmas.

Then we had to wait until we got a fence.  Some Army posts provide fencing with their housing, but here at Fort Bragg if you want a fence you have to rent one. 

The fence was just installed 2 weeks ago – right before we left to go on a family vacation – so we had to wait a little longer. 

As soon as we returned from our trip, we were finally able to set up the trampoline! YAY! Hubby & Lovebug worked hard for the better part of a Saturday this past weekend to set it up while I did the grocery shopping.   She has been on it every day since, even when it was raining.

This morning, Lovebug asked if we could do our schoolwork and reading on the trampoline.  Sure, why not?  Just because we CAN!

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Homeschooling makes me happy!

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