Summer Highlights Part 1

Yes, I know it’s already autumn, but I’m catching up on posts and wanted to share some highlights of our summer with you.  It feels like it just flew by in the blink of an eye.  We had such a mishmash of things going on! 

Here are some of my favorites…

In July, Hubby did his very first jump as the Primary Jumpmaster on the plane!  He’s done lots of jumps, but now that he’s a Senior Parachutist he was eligible to perform the PJ duty.  He had a great time, and landed beautifully & safely!  I wasn’t able to get too close to the drop zone, but I did manage to get a picture of him on his way down. 



Also in July, we had some dear friends come visit us from Texas!  We adore this family so much.  The mom is a dear friend of mine, Emily & her oldest daughter are the best of friends, and our hubbies get along great too.  What more could you ask for?  We relaxed, chatting up a storm, and enjoyed time at the beach.  Emily was giddy with excitement to see her friend – it had been a year and a half!! That’s FOREVER in kid years! I loved getting to spend the time catching up with my sweet friend too – I sure do miss her.

Here are the girls (and little sister) in their “Best Friends” t-shirts I made for them – so cute!



Fun in the sun!


I didn’t get one of the husbands together – oops!


In early August, Emily went to a HORSE CAMP for a week!  For several years, the grandparents have opted to give Emily a camp or membership or something along those lines as a birthday present instead of more toys.  It works our wonderfully for all of us!  This year she attended a local Horse Camp.  I was so excited to find one nearby – only 20 minutes from the house.  She spent 9-5 Monday – Friday on a farm riding horses, doing crafts, shooting BB guns, doing archery, feeding/watering the horses, and even mucking out the stalls!  She had a great time! Anytime she can be outside in nature and around animals, she thrives!  I used the time she was away to do some chores, run errands, and read a lot, and get a haircut.  I should have spent that time writing and blogging, I know, but somehow the days just got away from me.

Emily in her cowgirl hat, bandana, and t-shirt – all souvenirs from camp!



With her horse of the week


Feeding one of the little ponies


Check out those knees after a day’s work!


Dreaming of her own farm…


Isn’t she beautiful?



Rob’s birthday is in August and this year we celebrated by attending a Strong Bonds marriage retreat.  Strong Bonds is a chaplain-led program designed to help strengthen the Army family.  They provide (free) retreats for single soldiers, married couples, and even wives/kids of deployed soldiers.  Rob, Emily and I got to stay in a really nice resort style hotel a couple hours away from home.  Friday night they provided childcare while the couples sat through sessions about making our marriage better.  Saturday was a free day – they provided breakfast and lunch, but families were on their own for dinner and could spend the entire day doing whatever they wanted!  Go see local sights, hang out in the hotel room or at the pool – just enjoy time as a family.   On Sunday there were more sessions again with provided childcare, and then we all headed home a little after noon. 

We had a great time!  Emily loved playing with the other kids, and Rob and I enjoyed our time together as well.  Saturday we went to the Greensboro Children’s Museum that was participating in the Blue Star Family Program (so it was FREE!), then we went to Whole Foods for lunch and to wander around a bit.  One thing we really miss about Texas is Whole Foods!  Where we lived in TX, we had 8 of them within a 25 minute drive.  Here, the closest one is an hour away and it’s tiny compared to the Texas ones!  This one in Greensboro was really nice, so we just took our time looking around and picking out a few snacks.  We spent Saturday afternoon/evening at the pool – mostly in the hot tub because the pool was COLD!


Celebrating Rob’s birthday at the hotel! 


We have been using that same birthday banner for years and it’s become quite the tradition.  We even sent it to him when he spent his last birthday in Iraq, so of course we brought it to the hotel.  He got chocolate covered espresso beans, and some “Pop Chips” from Emily.  One of their favorite books is “Hop on Pop” by Dr. Seuss, so she always loves to get those for him. 

I have no idea why he’s holding a banana.  That wasn’t part of the present.  Maybe we just returned from breakfast?


Emily is getting better at taking pictures.  A little blurry, but still cute.



At the Children’s Museum…








Making memories & loving life!

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  1. thanks for sharing – nice way to spend a birthday
    What a beautiful grown up cowgirl, makes a Grandma’s heart hurt!!
    Tell her I’m very proud of her! I love y’all and miss you

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