Paratroopers in the sky


Earlier last month, Emily and I got a chance to spend an evening watching several planes of 82nd Airborne paratroopers (hubby included) do a night jump.  If you ever have the chance to go see a jump – you should go!  It is the most amazing sight!  I got some decent pictures, but it sure did make me wish for a serious zoom lens for my camera so I could get some better shots.  I *thought* I got one picture that had Rob in it, because I knew he was acting as a jumpmaster for this jump, but it turned out he was on a different plane than originally scheduled, so I was watching the wrong one.  That’s ok! It was still fun to watch as these paratroopers floated down from the sky.  These soldiers jump from only 800 feet above the ground, so they aren’t in the air long – gotta snap those photos fast!


Emily enjoying her time in the front seat while waiting for the show



Hanging out in the back of the truck waiting for the planes



Here it comes!



There they go!





82nd Airborne Song

Put on your boots, boots, boots

and parachutes-chutes-chutes

We’re going up, up, up

And coming down, down, down

We’re all American and proud to be

for we’re the soldiers of liberty.

Some ride their gliders to the enemy.

Others are sky paratroopers.

We’re All American and fight we will,

‘Til all the guns of the foe are still.

Airborne from skies of blue,

We’re coming through, Let’s Go!

Put on your boots, your parachutes,

Get all those gliders ready to attack today.

For we’ll be gone into the dawn,

To fight them all the 82d way, hey!

One thought on “Paratroopers in the sky

  1. That is so amazing! I would love to watch this but AF guys generally stay in the plane. Oh well maybe we’ll be near an Army base someday. The Army guys get some tough but very cool jobs!

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