Military Ball #2


I know I’m really late posting about this, but I wanted to share a few pictures from our recent military ball.  It’s my 2nd one in just over a year, and we enjoyed the chance to get dressed up and go out for a fancy date.  Emily even had a great time that night because she got to have her 2nd sleepover ever (read about her first one here) with some great friends that night.


I got the most incredible dress from my dear friend and bridal/formal wear shop owner – Unforgettable You.  This is the second time she’s managed to help me pick a perfect dress based only on my (self-measured) measurements and sent me the dress through the mail all the way from Canada to North Carolina! I wonder how many formal gowns I’m going to end up with in my closet when Rob finally retires from the Army?


We had a great time at the ball chatting with friends, watching people strut their stuff on the dance floor, and enjoying the traditions of the Calvary.



One of the traditions is the Punch Bowl Ceremony and includes filling up this trough with a variety of alcoholic beverages.


Here is a description I found on this tradition:

The history of the “Punch Bowl” ceremony has become obscured with time. It is thought that during the years of the west ward expansion, Cavalry Troopers would share their spirits with one another thereby insuring that all fellow troopers had something. The alcoholic spirits usually consisted of what ever an individual trooper’s taste was, and that when mixed with other alcohol created a powerful drink known as “GROG”.

The comradeship developed over the decades and through the various wars and campaigns usually entailed the rare opportunity to share “liberated” spirits with each other.

Today’s “GROG” or punch bowl ceremony is more symbolic. It encompasses the age old custom of sharing with the history of a unit.

I think my favorite part (besides admiring my very handsome hubby in his uniform!) is the “photo booth” they set up for us to take free pictures using funny props.  In the first one we were trying to do our “serious face” because I’m always teasing Rob about how the soldiers aren’t allowed to smile in pictures.

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