JRTC–One week down

My beloved has been away for a week now, and while I know I shouldn’t complain lest any of my readers who have deployed spouses may hunt me down and tie me up with Duct Tape and 550 cord – I miss him!

I know, it’s only been a week.  I survived a deployment with him on the other side of the world, and now I miss him after only a week. 

What does that say about me? 

I think it says I have a rocking marriage!  That I adore my husband and miss cuddling with him every night while we veg out watching NCIS.  That I miss having my adult sous chef in the kitchen (although, my half-sized sous chef is pretty awesome too!).  That I miss seeing my soldier walk through the door each evening while hearing squeals of “Daddy’s home!!” coming from down the hall.  I miss my best friend.

On the other hand, we are doing A-OK around here.  Praise the Lord for technology because I’ve actually been able to talk to him every night so far.  In fact, we laughed when we sorta ran out of things to talk about one day because we had lots of time to get caught up, but not enough time to dive into anything deep.  He’s even been able to call at bedtime to give Emily her “noggin, nose cheek, kiss & hug” over the phone.  That will change soon as they get busy “in the box”, but I’m oh-so-thankful that we’ve been able to communicate so far.  It definitely made the transition for Emily a hundred times better. 

Actually the time is going by pretty quickly.  We’ve been passing the time this week with doctor’s appointments, a vet appointment, getting our hair cut, going to PWOC & church, and of course homeschooling & chores.  We’ve also made sure to throw in a little bit of laziness when we were both feeling a little out of sorts yesterday.

All in all, things are really going well.  I do of course miss my awesome hubby as I do anytime he’s away, but it’s also nice to know that Emily and I work well together as a team and can handle these times apart.  God is so great to us and keeps our family strong even when we are apart.  He has done some amazing work in Emily’s life to and she is handling these changes like a champ!  Now, excuse me, I have to get dinner ready and play a couple games with my daughter before we call it a night.

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