From Public School Back to Homeschooling


So many posts to write, so little time! I wanted to give a very belated update on our daughter’s school situation. A year and a half ago, I wrote about our decision to switch her from homeschool to public school. It was my intent to update throughout the year, but time got away from me and here we are much, much later and now we’re back to homeschooling.

Let me explain…

Emily had an amazing year in public school for 5th grade. I could not have asked for better teachers than the ones she had. Absolutely amazing and top notch in every way. She grew in so many ways, especially socially and emotionally. She definitely learned more about patience – because when you are 1 of 28 students in a classroom you don’t get to talk whenever you want. Much different from being homeschooled as an only child!

She excelled as a leader and a student, made straight A’s all year, was inducted into the National Beta Club, and even stepped out of her comfort zone to enter – and win – the school speech contest!  She learned to deal with new frustrations such as working in teams or groups on projects when the other members of the group don’t want to do the work.  Like I said, she experienced a great deal of emotional and social growth.

However, she missed out on some things too.  I truly feel that what she missed out on was no fault of the teachers’, but rather the school system. Her history and science were almost non-existent compared to the curriculum we follow at home.  Recess was a joke, if they even got to have it.  They played structured games, or stayed inside the majority of the time instead of getting the free play that kids so desperately need.  Overall throughout the day, she spent more time sitting and waiting, or standing in line waiting than she did actually learning.

She also found out that socializing and making friends was actually harder than she thought at public school.  They had very little free time to talk, so getting to know each other was a challenge.  Thankfully we found a great Girl Scout group that year that provided amazing friends outside of school, so she still not what she was looking for – just not where she thought she’d find it.

In the end, after what we considered a very successful year overall due to the emotional and social growth, we made the decision to resume homeschooling.  A few main reasons factored into our decision to bring her back home for 6th grade.

1) We wanted control over her curriculum again

2) We were going to be moving to another state halfway through the school year. Middle school is a huge adjustment in the first place, so we really didn’t want her to have to start all over again halfway through the year in a new school.

3) Her Daddy would be coming home in December from a year long Army assignment in Korea and we wanted her to be able to have more time off for family time. Homeschooling gave us the flexibility to do extra school before so that we could take the month of December off for family time and grandparents coming to visit.

Emily is super excited to be learning at home again. She’s really enjoying the curriculum we are using this year.  She also likes getting to chew gum and have snacks during school, going on lots of field trips, and having more time to play outside since school doesn’t take as long. I can’t lie – we both really like not getting up early to catch the bus every morning too!

We have lots of fun things planned for the year!

Want to see what we are learning for 6th grade? Click here to read my 2015-2016 curriculum post.

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