Field Trip Friday – puppies, friends & frozen yogurt

Yesterday I had a long list of errands to run.  I had been saving up several random errands that all took me to the same part of town so I could knock them all out in one swoop.  I was planning to do them the day before, but then the truck window threw a wrench in my plans (will write about that later), so now Field Trip Friday was going to turn into Errand Day.

That’s ok! Lovebug and I make a great team and can make anything fun with the right attitude and a couple treats thrown in.  She is at a great age and can really be a wonderful helper to me, plus she’s just fun to hang out with.  That kid is funny!  Of course, I did have to plan well and take snacks with us in the car.  Taking Lovebug anywhere for more than about 10 minutes without food is just asking for trouble.  She moves, thinks, and talks so much that she must burn 1,000 calories an hour just living.  As a result, she eats often to re-fuel her body and her energy tanks.  So, we packed up several (healthy) snacks and hit the road.

First stop – Starbucks!  We were picking up some instant iced coffee to send to Hubby.  Someone had sent him some in a care package (my parents? Thank you, whoever it was – he loves it!), and he had requested a refill.  While we were there, I decided to get an iced tea, and treated Bug to an organic chocolate milk.  I was a little nervous we’d deal with the sugar crash in the middle of my errands, but she was determined to show me she could handle it.  I figured it couldn’t be too much worse than the juice, which was the only other option I was going to give her.  I have a self-imposed rule that I don’t take her to Starbucks with me unless I’m willing to get us both something.  If I want to have a treat without giving her one, then I go alone.  Sometimes she even offers to spend her own money!

Next stop was Petsmart, where I needed to pick up a filter for our fish tank.  Petsmart is like a free field trip all in itself.  She could watch the birds, mice, lizards and fish all day long!  Yesterday was a special treat because they had an “adoption center” tent set up in the parking lot.  Puppies and kitties galore!  She was on cloud 9 looking at all of the animals and talking to them.  She had to check the paperwork for each and every one to find out its gender, name, and breed.  I don’t know if I’ve ever known a kid that wants a dog so badly and is so well behaved and patient about it.  Mommy is coming around, and is hoping to move on this sometime this winter when we have time to focus on the training.

Next door to Petsmart is the Christmas Tree Shop!  If you have one of these in your area, you must go.  NOW.  It is amazing!  Not a lot to do with Christmas trees (although there were a few Christmas decorations out), but it is a huge discount store with everything you can imagine.  Home decor, picture frames, cookware, party supplies, yard decor, books, toys, health & beauty products, furniture, etc.   We stopped here because I needed to pick up some coffee candy for Hubby.  I found this the last time I was in the store (and it was cheaper than online), and sent him some.  Evidently it was a big hit because it’s one of a very few things he has actually requested that I send him.  YAY! I’ve been begging him for care package requests, but he’s so easily satisfied so he doesn’t ask for much so I was thrilled to get it for him.  While we were at the CTS, we also ran into our neighbor friends – another treat! Lovebug and I had fun wandering around with them for a while.  Oh, and I picked up a bucket of sidewalk chalk (glow-in-the-dark too!) in the summer clearance area for .66 (Reg $2.99) – I love a bargain!  Lovebug got a bargain too as she spent $3 of her own money to buy a new friend.

Let me introduce you to “Batty”


We parted ways with our friends, and made one more stop to get ice on the way home.  While we were there, Bug asked if she could try a package of pork rinds.  Yep, we’re from the South!  Sure, why not?  You would have thought I gave her candy, she was so excited!  Must be like her Daddy – easy to please.  No wonder I love them both so much!

Once we got home, we spent the evening hanging out with our neighbor friends outside.  Lovebug and the girls (6 & 3) went inside to play in her room, while the grownups and the little kids stayed outside.  Bug and her friends ended up playing perfectly content for over 2 hours!  They were having a great time playing house, going through her marble collection, and just being girls!

Then we kept all the kids (5 of them ages 2-7) up late and took them out for frozen yogurt! It was a great time! Lots of laughs!  We got home around 10:00, and were so tired we forgot to try out our new glow-in-the dark chalk!  Guess we’ll have to stay up till dark again tonight!


The kids were absolutely filthy from all the playing outside.  We didn’t even bother trying to clean them up before taking them out.  The frozen yogurt just made it worse, anyway!  See the blue chalk on her face and IN HER HAIR?


We were all laughing because there were a few people there on dates, and I’m sure they were thinking “I’ll NEVER do that when I have kids…..” – famous last words!

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  1. So glad you girls had such a great day. And thank you for running errands to get stuff to send me. I really appreciate everything.

    Love you both soooo much!!!

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