Cleaning up after the meltdown

After Lovebug’s sensory meltdown a couple days ago, I decided what we really needed was some more time together.  Yes, as a homeschooling parent, I spend all day every day with her already.  However, we have been so busy lately that we haven’t had a lot of just one-on-one time.  We have been spending countless hours playing outside with friends, traveling to see friends in other states, going to meetings, the park, museums, camp, etc.  The last several months have been a whirlwind.  We’ve been having a lot of fun, but I can tell it’s catching up to her.  It really does make a difference.  Ever since she was really little she would need a day of downtime at home after being on the go a few days in a row.  As much as she loves people, she takes after her Mommy & Daddy and needs a break from the crowds after a while to re-charge her batteries.

I hadn’t been able to put a finger on what was bothering my daughter, but something obviously was.  Whether she was missing Daddy, or missing our routine (so important to her!), or missing doing crafts with me – I decided the best way to figure it out (or cure it) was to spend dedicated time with her away from other people.  So, we declared it “Mommy-Daughter weekend” and our only plan was that we would spend time together.  Not like some days where we say we will spend the day together but then end up surrounded by friends or out running lots of errands.  This would be JUST US.

We started yesterday and will continue through tomorrow.  It has been awesome!

We’ve watched movies, read lots of books, colored, painted, ate snacks outside on the patio table, crazy danced to music, and had a lot of fun!  We even had a sleepover on the sofas in the living room last night.  Tonight we’re in our own beds because I prefer to sleep without feet in my ribs, but it was so worth not sleeping well last night to have her beside me!  We’ve laughed & talked, and I think this is all she needed. 

Tomorrow we’ll read another stack of books, do some baking, take a walk, do some art, watch a movie, and be silly together.  Good times!

In just a couple days, we officially start “First Grade”! That also makes her happy because she thrives on routines & plans.  In fact, I think she’s more looking forward to getting a routine back than she is anything else about school at this point.  Crazy summer days can only go on for so long!


A little look at the last couple of days….


(Ignore my bandaids…I just had a couple moles removed)



De-stemming a million grapes!



Ready for our sleepover!



Watching a movie while squished in the sofa pillows


Looks comfy to me!



Playing with chalk


Lovebug’s really great bunny drawing!



Enjoying some grape flavored water – isn’t she cute?



Bike riding


Love that smile!

I’ll share more pictures after tomorrow too!

4 thoughts on “Cleaning up after the meltdown

  1. Love it!!! You do such a great job of taking care of Bug. I’m honored and proud to call you my bride. Love the pics of y’all. And yes, she is cute. 😀

    Love you both!!!

  2. I agree she is sooo cute, I’m glad the two of you took some time to be spend together. My heart broke with the melt down blog, so glad to see she’s on the mend – I love you both so very much

  3. Beautiful! As a Mum of a 4.5 year old only son I can appreciate what you mean about alone time 🙂 Your daughter is just so pretty and with parents like you she has a bright future. My son is being assessed for what I suspect to be Aspergers, he certainly has alot of markers. I’m so happy to have found your blog, we hav alot in common,I’m a Christian woman with PCOS, an only Child who has sensory integration needs and AS behaviours 🙂

    1. So glad to have you here! We do have a lot in common 🙂 Thank you for the compliment on my daughter – I think she’s pretty too!

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