Bye-bye busy, time for productive

I’ve been so busy lately that I feel like I’ve been living in a fog.  Of course part of that may just be because my allergies are wrecking havoc on my sinuses so my nose has been bouncing back and forth from being completely open to sealed tighter than a drum.  The weather has shifted to . . . → Read More: Bye-bye busy, time for productive

How to make your clothes fit every time just like the celebs

I read this blog post today after a friend recommended it.  I think it is right on the money, but I really could do without the language that was thrown in for effect.  So, this my edited version of the original post with the cursing removed.  In order to give proper credit, the original post can . . . → Read More: How to make your clothes fit every time just like the celebs

Notes, Notes, everywhere!

I love Post-it notes! Truth is, I love all school/office supplies.  It’s a quirk I have.  I could spend hours wandering around office supply stores.  Books and school supplies make me happy.  Colored pens, stickers, decorative paper clips, scented markers…..but I digress. 

Back to the Post-it notes.  I love the different colors, and the fancy ones . . . → Read More: Notes, Notes, everywhere!

The military does not cause poverty

This may not be a popular post, but I feel like writing it, so bear with me while I express my opinion.

A while back I saw a petition going around for people to sign trying to get free internet for deployed soldiers.  As people sign, they can also leave a comment.  I had trouble accepting . . . → Read More: The military does not cause poverty

My goals for 2011

I know most people have already posted their goals for the year.  So, I’m a couple weeks late sharing with you all, but here it is:

My goal for this year is ACCEPT and ENJOY my life and my circumstances.

I spent a lot of time last year wishing and hoping.  Longing and aching.  Surrendering.

First, Hubby and I . . . → Read More: My goals for 2011

Beautiful Texas Sunset!

This was the beautiful gift I saw when I stepped outside this evening!  Absolutely gorgeous!! Would be better without the power lines in my view, but still beautiful!

Through the branches of the oak tree in . . . → Read More: Beautiful Texas Sunset!

I want to be independent!

Rumor has it, when I was a child I often said “I do it myself!”.  I was, and still am, pretty “in-de-pen-dent”.  Just like the misfit dentist on “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” movie.

I also grew up hearing “You only fail, if you fail to try”.  Well, the reality is that sometimes you fail even if you . . . → Read More: I want to be independent!

Where did all the birds go?

In case you are wondering where all the birds in your state have gone, I think I found them!  Check out this absolutely INSANE amount of birds at an intersection I stopped at.  Lovebug said it was all the birds that migrated south for the winter.  I guess they not only came to Texas, but they . . . → Read More: Where did all the birds go?

You know you feel safe & secure when you sleep like this

I couldn’t resist some closeup shots of our kitty.  She’s relaxing on our ottoman in the midst of a bunch of people laughing and playing games.

I guess she didn’t want us to change the . . . → Read More: You know you feel safe & secure when you sleep like this


The other day we were driving down the road and Emily shouts out, “That’s a cool car!”

This is what she was talking about:

Now, be honest.  Your first thought when you saw this car wasn’t “cool”, was it?  In fact, I would dare say you automatically made assumptions about the person driving this car.  Their income level . . . → Read More: Perspective