No more training wheels!

Lovebug is now riding her bicycle on just 2 wheels! I am so incredibly proud of her!

She’s been riding her bike with training wheels for quite a while, and we weren’t in a hurry to take them off because her balance and motor skills just weren’t ready.  She can be a bit of a perfectionist which . . . → Read More: No more training wheels!

My daughter’s tree

There is this tree in the parking lot at church, and from time to time as we are passing by it on the way into, or out of church, I hear Lovebug say,

“Can I stop and say a prayer at my prayer tree?”

(We always say yes)

I don’t remember when it started exactly, or why she dubbed . . . → Read More: My daughter’s tree

How Great is Our God!

I have to brag on my daughter! It’s my blog, I’m allowed!

My daughter is a lot of wonderful things.  She’s smart, funny, a great reader, a colorful dresser, and a lover of animals…but a stage performer she is not.  She doesn’t like to talk or sing on stage or in front of anyone.  She gets nervous . . . → Read More: How Great is Our God!

She lost a tooth!

This morning, Lovebug came running in holding out her hand to show me this…


…and this

YAY!! Finally, at almost 6.5 years old, she has lost her first tooth! She is so excited! She said that she wants to keep her first tooth and she’ll give the next one . . . → Read More: She lost a tooth!

Oh what a beautiful morning, Oh what a beautiful day!

I am in a great mood today for so many reasons!

** I got to see my husband yesterday and that just completely lifted me up!

** The baby is napping today! Probably means he won’t sleep tonight, but he’s actually napping!! I’ll take it 🙂

** The temperature outside is 72 degrees and sunny – perfect! I feel . . . → Read More: Oh what a beautiful morning, Oh what a beautiful day!

From tears to triumph!

I don’t think I have ever been more proud of my daughter than I was this past Sunday afternoon!  It was an absolutely amazing achievement for her in many ways, and especially in regards to her Sensory Processing Disorder / Asperger-like challenges.

We had signed her up for a FREE “Kids First” hockey class at the . . . → Read More: From tears to triumph!

When the going gets rough, take off your panties!

We’ve had a couple of busy couple of days around here, and that means a very haphazard schedule, which makes our SPD kiddo all the more sensitive and out of sorts.  Even after a bath tonight (which normally does wonders for calming her down and desensitizing her), she just could not find . . . → Read More: When the going gets rough, take off your panties!

Lovebug’s 5th Birthday!

Friday night, we had dinner at “560”, the Wolfgang Puck restaurant inside Reunion Tower.

Bug saw Reunion Tower a little over 6 months ago when we were out driving one day, and she asked me about it.  “What is that ball on a stick?”, she said.  When she found out there was a restaurant in it, she . . . → Read More: Lovebug’s 5th Birthday!

To be like a child

The Bible tells us that unless we become like a child, we will not enter the kingdom of Heaven.

"I tell you the truth, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven. ~ Matt 18:3

I learn so much from my little girl each day!  God uses her to teach . . . → Read More: To be like a child

I live for moments like this!

Tonight on the way home, Bug (4 years old) commented on the half-moon in the night sky. I asked her to tell Daddy why we could only see part of the moon.

Bug: “because there isn’t light shining on it all”

Hubby: “How did you know that?”

Bug: “Mommy told me. After we got home from the . . . → Read More: I live for moments like this!