Secret Keeper Girl Mother-Daughter Time

A couple of nights ago, I had the privilege of attending an incredible event called Secret Keeper Girl Pajama Party with my daughter, Emily.  We even wore PJ’s that I made myself!  I made matching ones for Emily and her sabertooth tiger, and a different set for myself. 

The 3-hour event was an evening for moms . . . → Read More: Secret Keeper Girl Mother-Daughter Time

We found a dive shop!

We are so excited – there is a dive shop in our area!! I can’t tell you how much we’ve missed seeing this flag:

If you are a new reader you may not know that Rob and I met through SCUBA diving and it is our true passion! We used to teach classes together, and . . . → Read More: We found a dive shop!

Science Detective Camp

A couple of weeks ago, Lovebug attended a “Science & Detective Camp” at a local children’s museum.  I had come across an ad for it in a local publication and I knew it would be perfect for her! She’s always been interested in detectives, spies, mysteries, and similar adventures.  This was a half-day camp for 5 . . . → Read More: Science Detective Camp

Spouse Retreat in Myrtle Beach

Emily and I had the privilege this past weekend of attending a retreat in Myrtle Beach! It was so fun! It was sponsored by the Army Chaplains and this one was for the spouses and kids of the deployed soldiers in our brigade.  They paid for the hotel, and most of the meals were provided . . . → Read More: Spouse Retreat in Myrtle Beach

Learning to adapt when plans change

It’s hard when we change the plans on our kiddos sometimes, isn’t it? It’s funny that my daughter can be so easy going about some things, and so rigid about others.  She’s been completely fine with the foster kids coming and going in our home.  She’s ok that we don’t know which state we are moving . . . → Read More: Learning to adapt when plans change

Our song for Daddy!

Lovebug and I had to run an errand today and we were singing songs as we drove around.  We ended up singing “She’ll be coming ‘round the mountain when she comes”, and then we made up our own version for Daddy!! It’s sung to the same tune as the original.


He’ll be coming in a blue . . . → Read More: Our song for Daddy!

Bugs & Ice Cream

Tuesday was “Letter B” day here in school! After getting our other subjects done, we took science on the go, and headed to the local nature and science museum to watch the IMAX version of “Bugs! A Rainforest Adventure”. Just another reason I LOVE homeschooling! We got our work done in less than 2 hours and . . . → Read More: Bugs & Ice Cream

Christmas on the Square

This past weekend, Lovebug and I went to a local city’s Christmas on the Square! It was so much fun! The entire street was decorated with beautiful lights, programmed to the music (click here for video). 

They had bounce houses, a balloon artist, and a SNOW SLIDE!  First we watched Santa parachute in, which was fun.  . . . → Read More: Christmas on the Square

Elliott’s Hardware

There is a local hardware store that has a post office located in the back of the store.  It comes in very handy this time of year when the line at the regular P.O is out the door and down the street.  I would think that every local knows about this little secret, yet of all . . . → Read More: Elliott’s Hardware

I couldn’t ask for more

Today at the park I asked Lovebug, “Do you know you’re beautiful?”.

She replied, “Yes. Daddy told me.”

I couldn’t ask for more.

I am so blessed to be married to a man that understands the importance of a daughter feeling loved by her daddy!

And that confidence leads to her continuing to try new things…like this really steep (fast) . . . → Read More: I couldn’t ask for more