Bargain shopping is a family tradition

I’ve never cared very much about owning specific brand names.  Even as a kid, I chose comfort and personal style over the latest fad.  I can only remember 2 times that I asked my parents for something brand-name specific.  Once I really wanted a pair of Guess Jeans (remember that little triangle on the back?), and . . . → Read More: Bargain shopping is a family tradition

The military does not cause poverty

This may not be a popular post, but I feel like writing it, so bear with me while I express my opinion.

A while back I saw a petition going around for people to sign trying to get free internet for deployed soldiers.  As people sign, they can also leave a comment.  I had trouble accepting . . . → Read More: The military does not cause poverty

Homemade Detective Kit

Since Lovebug’s birthday fell right in the middle of her Science Detective Camp I thought it would be fun to give her a present that went along with the theme.  I didn’t want to spend much money because the camp itself was her main present, but I also wanted something for her to open.  I was . . . → Read More: Homemade Detective Kit

Teaching a child to fish

No, I’m not teaching her to fish for fish – that will be Daddy’s job!

I’m sure you’ve heard the following quote.

“Give a man a fish and he eats for a day.  Teach a man to fish and he eats for a lifetime.”

This concept is a huge part of parenting.  One of my jobs as a mom . . . → Read More: Teaching a child to fish

Our latest bargain!

We came home with this today!

I always said I would never get one of these things! But that was mostly because they are crazy expensive and I just don’t think a young child needs to have their own car that costs as much as many people’s car payments!

However…I couldn’t pass up this bargain!  . . . → Read More: Our latest bargain!

Friday Favorites

I want to share one of my favorite blogs with you all today.  The writer is a dear friend of mine whom I miss very much since we moved away.  She’s super inspiring and has so many tips for staying frugal and healthy at the same time!  She’s also an amazing parent to 3 boys, and . . . → Read More: Friday Favorites

Yard Sale Season!

I love a bargain, and do my best to avoid paying full retail for most things.  Thrift stores, flea markets & yard sales are like exciting treasure hunts for me.  This past weekend, there was a post-wide yard sale.  That meant lots and lots of yard sales all over post.  What fun!  Normally, I would have . . . → Read More: Yard Sale Season!

Unpacking our life

Last night I took 40 empty boxes out to the curb for trash pickup today.  FORTY.  I’m not even done.  I have also taken out a total of 7 very large boxes full of packing paper.  Boy, did those packers use a lot of paper!  I mean, I’m glad because it kept most of our belongings . . . → Read More: Unpacking our life

Too much STUFF!

As our cross country move is approaching, I’m finding myself overwhelmed with the amount of stuff that we have.  I’ve already made several trips to the Salvation Army to purge some of it.  We don’t have any LARGE things to get rid of, and I don’t want to take the time for a yard sale so . . . → Read More: Too much STUFF!

I want to be independent!

Rumor has it, when I was a child I often said “I do it myself!”.  I was, and still am, pretty “in-de-pen-dent”.  Just like the misfit dentist on “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” movie.

I also grew up hearing “You only fail, if you fail to try”.  Well, the reality is that sometimes you fail even if you . . . → Read More: I want to be independent!