Kissy Face

Tonight, Hubby sent me this picture of himself via text message….



So, Lovebug and I decided to send one back.  My phone has 2 cameras – one on the front and one on the back.  I tried to use the (lesser quality) one on the front so that we could see ourselves and therefore get a . . . → Read More: Kissy Face


Our Daddy (Hug-A-Hero) Doll arrived a couple weeks ago, and Lovebug is on cloud 9! 

Hubby has been gone since the end of August for training, and this really helps her feel connected to him!  He’s not deployed, and we are blessed to get to talk to him almost every night, but this is still . . . → Read More: Daddy-to-Go!

He is so HOT!

This man…


…is this HOT!


I’m so blessed he’s mine, and I . . . → Read More: He is so HOT!

Visiting my Hubby at Fort Sill

We’re in the Army now! I know Hubby has been in for 28 days already, but yesterday really sealed the deal for me.  I was blessed to get a chance to visit him on post because he had a day “pass”, and while it came with lots of rules, it did allow us to spend a . . . → Read More: Visiting my Hubby at Fort Sill

The best Daddy Daughter Dance ever!

A couple days before Hubby left, Lovebug was talking to him about the Daddy Daughter Dance they went to back in February.  Out of the blue Lovebug says to Daddy….”I wish we could do another Daddy Daughter Dance in our fancy clothes just in our living room at home!”.   Hey! We can do that! Why not? . . . → Read More: The best Daddy Daughter Dance ever!

Happy Birthday, Love!

Yesterday was Hubby’s birthday.  We had a special treat because his mom came into town for a few days.  As her gift to him, she came over to the house and cooked us a super yummy dinner of chicken fried steak, mashed potatoes, and salad! YUM!  Not only did she cook…she cleaned up the whole kitchen . . . → Read More: Happy Birthday, Love!

How do I love thee?

If a perfect stranger were to overhear the way you talk to or about your spouse, what would be their impression of your marriage? Of a Christian marriage? What if no words were heard, but one was left to judge your marriage on what they saw instead?

Today I was at the zoo with a . . . → Read More: How do I love thee?

The best husband ever!

I have the best husband in the world!  Really.  Although, I’m sure many of you feel the same way about your husbands – at least I hope you do!

This year, my birthday falls on Mother’s Day.  My absolute favorite gift would be to get to sleep in, have a peaceful long quiet time, and then . . . → Read More: The best husband ever!