As you look ahead, don’t miss today!


Ever feel like you are wandering through a desert in life? Maybe you are waiting for orders to go to the next duty station. Maybe you are in between jobs and wondering what is coming next. Where will you go? When will you go?

Let me encourage you this morning. God knows. He has . . . → Read More: As you look ahead, don’t miss today!

Do you need PEACE in your life?

Do you need more peace in your life?  I always feel peaceful when I am surrounded by nature.  I love being by the water watching it move with the wind or being surrounded by trees and listening to all the birds chirping – away from all the noises of daily life.  Unfortunately, the reality is that . . . → Read More: Do you need PEACE in your life?

You are more valuable than the birds

As I sit here this morning having my quiet time, I keep looking out our large front window.  My view is filled with white as we have snow still covering most of the area after the blizzard this past weekend, but in front of the white background I keep seeing little brown birds fluttering around as . . . → Read More: You are more valuable than the birds

I met a man named George

Today I met a man named George. I was out running a couple of errands and saw him when I stopped at a red light. He was holding a sign that said, “Homeless. Please pray for me.” I pulled out some money to give him as I do when I feel the Holy Spirit’s nudging like . . . → Read More: I met a man named George

Don’t give God yesterday’s goat

The title will make sense in a moment, just hang with me!

This morning our Mother-Daughter devotional was from the book of Malachi and talked about tithing.  I know, most people don’t look forward to “The Tithe Talk” at church because they often feel like the church is just asking for their money. So many people . . . → Read More: Don’t give God yesterday’s goat

The greatest parenting book ever

The sheep aren’t in charge – the shepherd is.

This morning in our Mom-Daughter Devo we talked about Saul.  Saul did not obey God, so God took the kingdom if Israel away from him.  In fact, the words the Lord gave to Samuel for Saul in verse 28 say “The Lord has torn the kingdom of Israel . . . → Read More: The greatest parenting book ever

Choosing Thankfulness

This morning I ran to the grocery store for a few things just because the forecast says the roads might be icy on Wednesday so I wanted to be prepared in case I didn’t want to get out, but still wanted to cook meals.   As I was leaving the store, it was pouring down rain.

Cold, hard . . . → Read More: Choosing Thankfulness

Is your water clean?

Yesterday our neighborhood water company started some work on the water lines.  We were warned ahead of time that this could cause some issues with water pressure or even discoloration in the water for the next 3 weeks.  I pretty much blew off the message I received about it without a second thought.  Until last . . . → Read More: Is your water clean?

Laughing our way to a better marriage

Friday night, Hubby & I had a date night. Mark Gungor, author of “Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage” came to Fort Bragg to do a free show for the military.  He had spent the week traveling to a few different Army posts and we were his last stop.  If you have not heard Mark . . . → Read More: Laughing our way to a better marriage

My journey to Surrender

I really don’t know why it took me so long to get to that place I talked about in my previous post.  That place called Surrender.  I’ve had an open invitation to go there for quite some time, but I’ve been ignoring it.

Let me go back to Summer 2011.  Rob had been deployed for a few . . . → Read More: My journey to Surrender