Old fashioned coffee

This morning I got out our “old” coffee maker so I could make a full pot of coffee for iced coffee.  Lovebug saw it and said, "So that’s an old fashioned coffee maker?".  I could not contain my laughter!  She even said “Are you laughing at me or the cat?”.  Ummmm…look! The cat is doing . . . → Read More: Old fashioned coffee

My daughter is a comedian!

For the longest time, Lovebug didn’t understand humor.  She is *extremely* literal.  She didn’t understand figures of speech like “I’m going to get on the computer" – she’d say, “Why are you going to get ON the computer, it could break”.  She didn’t think jokes were funny because she’d spend so much time trying to figure . . . → Read More: My daughter is a comedian!

Hey! Is that for horses?

Tonight, I was playing with Lovebug and tickling her. 


Lovebug said, “Hey!”

Me: “Hay is for horses!”

Lovebug: “I didn’t mean H-A-Y hay!  I meant H-E-Y, like Hey! to get someone’s attention”


Smart girl, how’d she . . . → Read More: Hey! Is that for horses?

Lovebug-ism of the Day!

This morning we were rushing out the door to the grocery store because I overestimated how much toilet paper we had left when I went to the store a couple days ago (to avoid the crowds).  

I told Lovebug to grab a friend (one of her many stuffed animals) to bring with her, and she came . . . → Read More: Lovebug-ism of the Day!

Out of the mouth of babes

I was going through an old notebook of mine that I had used for all sorts of random notes from grocery lists to quotes from Lovebug.  There is some good stuff in there!

Last March she said,

“Speaking of Easter…Can I have some water?  I said speaking of Easter because blue is an Easter color and . . . → Read More: Out of the mouth of babes

How my daughter thinks…

Lovebug: “Mommy, do you know why I chose the glow-in-the-dark Silly Putty to play with this morning?

Me: “No, why did you choose that one?”

Lovebug: “Just in case all the lights in our house go out.  That’s just how I am, I like to be “just in case”.


Lovebug: “I wish there was a store . . . → Read More: How my daughter thinks…

Out of the mouths of babes

Out of the blue, Lovebug asked me this question,

“How do I know if it’s God talking to me, or if it’s Satan talking to me, or if it’s ME talking to me?”

Really?  She’s 6.  I was over 30 before I attempted to address that question for myself.  She is so incredibly deep, it’s amazing.

I struggled with . . . → Read More: Out of the mouths of babes

Don’t sweat the small stuff because God’s got it

This past Saturday night, just before Bug went to bed, I was rocking her in the rocking chair.  I feel so incredibly blessed that she still lets me do this from time to time, even at 5 (and a half!). 

Suddenly, she burst into tears!  She said “I don’t want to grow up.  I want to . . . → Read More: Don’t sweat the small stuff because God’s got it