Our newest pet!

Lovebug has a fondness for collecting stuffed animals.  They are truly like real life friends to her.  She has names for and relationships with each one.  They have ages, preferences, and friends.  She doesn’t just collect teddy bears either.  We have all sorts of wild animals around here.  Turtles, a red cardinal, a blue jay, a chameleon, a snake, some horses, cats, dogs, a tiger, penguins….just to name a few.

Friday afternoon, she spent her hard earned money to buy a new friend.  It’s a puppet! Let me introduce you to:

Mousey Cheddar


Hopefully it’s cute enough that our cat won’t try to eat it!  Mousey went with us on several errands last night, and Lovebug was even making up songs and singing them to her in the car.  Precious!! 

Best toy EVER!

2009-07-08 066

I don’t know what took us so long to get this.  We should have had this 2 years ago!  We recently bought Bug an exercise trampoline, and it is the best thing we have ever given her! 

Bug is extremely high energy, and she is a sensory seeker! That just means she is always on the go – moving, touching, bouncing, taking it all in!  Sometimes it is hard to adequately meet those needs inside our home, and we just can’t always go outside and swing, to the park, or the pool. 

Now we have a perfect indoor tool to help meet her needs!  She uses it first thing in the morning, off and on all day long, and before bed.  Anytime she feels she has extra energy she needs to “get out”.   For many kids, this might wind them up too much at bedtime, but for Bug, it actually helps to get out some of the extra energy so she can settle down and relax. 

Who knows, maybe she will even give Mommy a few minutes to get some exercise on it!