Deployment Week 1

51 or so to go!

So far so good around here.  There haven’t been any meltdowns around here – from me or from Lovebug. 

I do miss my best friend so much and I wish I could be with him (or he with me, or both of us on an island somewhere), but we are getting . . . → Read More: Deployment Week 1

Daddy Daughter Dance (at home)

About a month before Hubby left for his deployment, Lovebug asked for another Daddy Daughter dance at home “in our fancy clothes”.  No way was he going to turn that down!  So, once again, Hubby got all dressed up in his tux to twirl his daughter around the living room to a few songs.

It was PRECIOUS! . . . → Read More: Daddy Daughter Dance (at home)

The deployment has begun

I can now officially tell you that the deployment has begun.  Hubby is safe and sound, but way too far away from me.  I miss him so much!

Saying goodbye to Daddy… (she didn’t like the flash from the camera…she’s not as upset as she looks)


Daddy praying over Lovebug


Self-portrait in the middle of the night


Lovebug took . . . → Read More: The deployment has begun

I’m going to miss this when he’s away

. . . → Read More: I’m going to miss this when he’s away

The JOYS (no, really!) of pre-deployment

It’s coming.  The bags are packed and ready.

I much prefer seeing our suitcases & beach bags packed by the door.

I’m not looking forward to my husband deploying, of course.  He’s my best friend, my partner, and my lover.  He makes me laugh, he holds me when I cry, and he is my biggest support & encourager.

I . . . → Read More: The JOYS (no, really!) of pre-deployment

How we are preparing for deployment

My Hubby wrote recently about his packing list as he prepares for deployment, but I also wanted to share with you how we are preparing as a family.  These ideas have come from a variety of sources – some are my own, some I read online, others were from books.  I thought I would share them . . . → Read More: How we are preparing for deployment

Did you put on your armor today?

As my husband prepares for his upcoming deployment, he is packing all sorts of things to take with him.  One of those is, of course, his body armor.

I’m very glad he is taking it! However, there is something even more important for him to take with him – and for all of us to have with . . . → Read More: Did you put on your armor today?

I get spoiled easily!

Hubby had to go back to work today after being off work for just a 3-day weekend, and already I miss him!  Of course, that might be because out of the last EIGHT months, I have spent ONE of those with him.  I love waking up with him, going to bed with him, staying up late . . . → Read More: I get spoiled easily!

My family is complete again!

Hubby got home from JRTC a few nights ago.  I know, I’m late in announcing his arrival (and behind on some blog posts…), but I’ve been soaking up the joy of having him home!

Friday night, he called me around 9 or so to let me know he was on post! The soldiers had a lot . . . → Read More: My family is complete again!

I finally talked to Hubby!

For the last 10 days, I haven’t spoken to or even been able to text with Hubby.  Evidently there is one little pocket of space at JRTC where Hubby’s cell phone gets a signal.  Back here at home, my cell phone has had ZERO signal.  To say I am fed up with Sprint is an understatement.  . . . → Read More: I finally talked to Hubby!