Our PCS Vacation from MD to GA

I’ve already told you how this recent PCS was the easiest one ever, but now I want to share some of the fun we had along the way.  We had some incredible family time enjoying God’s creation in many different ways. 

Our First Stop was Luray, VA

We chose Luray because we wanted to see the . . . → Read More: Our PCS Vacation from MD to GA

Best PCS Ever: Living in our RV from MD to GA

We recently completed our first Army PCS since moving full-time into our RV 6 months ago!  PCS stands for Permanent Change of Station, but it’s never permanent.  In fact, we were at our last duty station in Maryland for just 9 months before the Army decided to move my husband’s unit away from that post, resulting . . . → Read More: Best PCS Ever: Living in our RV from MD to GA

Blizzard 2016

Our family has now been stationed in Maryland for a couple of months, and we’ve just experienced our first blizzard!  We just spent the last few days snowed in due to the Big Blizzard of 2016 that just swept through this area dropping over 29” of snow and resulting in snow drifts and piles that measure . . . → Read More: Blizzard 2016

Summer Highlights Part 1

Yes, I know it’s already autumn, but I’m catching up on posts and wanted to share some highlights of our summer with you.  It feels like it just flew by in the blink of an eye.  We had such a mishmash of things going on! 

Here are some of my favorites…

In July, Hubby did his very . . . → Read More: Summer Highlights Part 1

JRTC–One week down

My beloved has been away for a week now, and while I know I shouldn’t complain lest any of my readers who have deployed spouses may hunt me down and tie me up with Duct Tape and 550 cord – I miss him!

I know, it’s only been a week.  I survived a deployment with him . . . → Read More: JRTC–One week down

JRTC – Take 2

Yesterday at O-Dark-Thirty, I woke Emily up out of a deep sleep so we could buckle her in the car, take Rob to work and say goodbye for the next month.  He’s off to JRTC again.

My husband is the King of Packing! Seriously.  When we go camping, he always amazes me with his ability to make . . . → Read More: JRTC – Take 2

Circle of Moms–Top 25 Military Mom blogs


Hey friends! 

I was nominated for the Circle of Moms Top 25 blogs by military families again this year!  Last year I made it to #19 with your support – I think we can beat that! 

Would you mind taking the time to vote for me again this year? 

You can vote . . . → Read More: Circle of Moms–Top 25 Military Mom blogs

Paratroopers in the sky

Earlier last month, Emily and I got a chance to spend an evening watching several planes of 82nd Airborne paratroopers (hubby included) do a night jump.  If you ever have the chance to go see a jump – you should go!  It is the most amazing sight!  I got some decent pictures, but it . . . → Read More: Paratroopers in the sky

Military Ball #2

I know I’m really late posting about this, but I wanted to share a few pictures from our recent military ball.  It’s my 2nd one in just over a year, and we enjoyed the chance to get dressed up and go out for a fancy date.  Emily even had a great time that night because she . . . → Read More: Military Ball #2

My best HOOAH moment

Today is Day 3 of the Blog Carnival hosted by Wives of Faith. If you are a military spouse and like to write, jump on over and join in – you might even win a prize!

Today’s topic is:

“Describe your best HOOAH moment”

HOOAH: The phonetic pronunciation of the acronym HUA (Heard, Understood, Acknowledged)

According to Wikipedia, HOOAH . . . → Read More: My best HOOAH moment