Bathtub therapy for a rough SPD day


On days like this, I really wish I could just snap my fingers and make the Sensory Processing Disorder go away.  I wish I could take the pain and the struggle away from my daughter and take it upon myself.  I would do that in a heartbeat for her, as I know most moms would.  The day started like any other with my sweet 7 year old daughter bounding down the stairs to say good morning to me and our new puppy, even if I did have to remind her to greet people before animals. What can I say? She’s an animal lover to the core!

After breakfast she went off to do her morning chores – getting dressed, feeding her pets, brushing her teeth, etc.  About 30 minutes later, I went upstairs to check on her and found her in tears sitting on the floor in her room surrounded by a dozen or so pairs of pants.

She looked at me with her sad eyes and said “None of these pants feel comfortable today!”.  Her favorite blue jeans (with the patched knees) are in the laundry after being worn for 2 weeks straight.  If I didn’t wash them today, they were going to start walking themselves. I was hoping she’d find a pair of comfy sweats to throw on until I can get the jeans washed & dried.

No such luck.

She was doing all the right things, and was working hard to solve the problem herself without getting angry.  She was rubbing her legs in an attempt to desensitize them & doing her exercises, but her body was failing her.  She was heartbroken and dejected, looking to me for a solution.  A solution I didn’t have.  I can’t magically make the clothes that felt fine last week feel fine today.  I wish I could.  All I can do is offer options. 

“Did you try the brown sweats?” – The seams were itchy

“How about your light blue jeans that you love?” – They didn’t feel right today

“Let’s try your thermal pants because those are tight and snug and can provide pressure while you watch a movie” – Those almost worked, but then her feet felt funny.

Suddenly it hit me! It’s BATHTIME! 

(She needed one anyway, and a benefit to homeschooling is that we can take one in the middle of the day.)

Water ALWAYS works for her! I wish we could afford a house with a pool in the backyard because she is a different person in the water, but the bathtub will have to do for now.  We ran her a nice warm bath with some bubbles, gave her some toys to play with and shampoo bottles for ‘experiments’ and she was good to go! As of this moment she’s been in there for almost an hour, and she’ll likely stay another hour if I let her (and add more warm water). 

After she gets out, I bet the clothes will feel better and we’ll relax with a snack and a movie.  Homeschooling can wait until the afternoon today.

4 thoughts on “Bathtub therapy for a rough SPD day

  1. This brought tears to my eyes. You are such a good mama! (She looks SO much like you in this picture. So pretty! )

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