2015-2016 Homeschool Curriculum


Multitasking – eating a snack and working on Science!

This year our daughter is in 6th grade – MIDDLE SCHOOL!  Some days I just can’t believe how fast time has gone by.   Here is the curriculum that we’ve been using this year:



Mother – Daughter Devotional” by Secret Keeper Girl (with me),  “The Complete Girls of Grace: Devotional & Bible Study” (her personal quiet time), plus family devotional time, Bible studies at church, and various topical studies we discuss as a family.


The Phonetic Zoo by Institute for Excellence in Writing – We really love this program!  It’s a phonics based, auditory learning program.  Each lesson gives a rule, jingle or hint about how to spell certain types of words.  I go over the rule with her, give a little extra information from the teacher’s guide and then it’s 99% independent.  She uses a spelling notebook (just a plain spiral notebook) and each day she numbers her paper from 1-15 and then listens to the track on the CD that corresponds to the lesson she is working on.  The words are read to her, along with a context sentence and she spells the word the best she can.  The next track on the CD gives the corrections and she grades her own paper.  She continues with a lesson until she gets 100% correct 2 days in a row, and then we move to the next lesson.  Some lessons might only take 2 days, others might take a week.  Either way is ok, as long as they learn the words.  She’s already asked if we can use this program again next year.  Yes, we can! I just have to buy the CDs for the next level and we’ll be all set.  I’ll be able to reuse all the other materials from this year.



Emily is an avid reader and reads many books each week.  We easily check out 20-30 books every couple weeks from the library.  We try to incorporate something related to our current studies, some other non-fiction and some just-for-fun fiction. 


We are using Math-U-See Pre-Algebra.  We’ve used Math-U-See for years and we really like their program, however we are seriously considering Teaching Textbooks for next year.   I love that MUS is DVD based – she watches the lesson and then does the practice worksheets.  At the end of the week, she takes a test.  The reason I’m considering switching to TT next year though, is because their lessons go into a lot more detail both for the lecture and the explanation of the problems.  I feel that as she advances in math, this will better suit her needs.



We are using Mystery of History Volume 1 this year.  Volume 1 is the time period from Creation to Christ. I really like that it is Christ centered and from a Christian world view.  Each lesson offers activities for younger, middle, and older students so you can customize them to your child or family’s needs. They also create a timeline and work with maps, so those help put events into perspective. MOH has 4 volumes that each cover a specific time period leading up to modern times.



We are using Apologia’s Exploring Creation with Physics and Chemistry right now.  We absolutely love Apologia’s science curriculum! We did Astronomy a couple years ago, and then we did part of the Swimming Creatures curriculum before switching to Physics & Chemistry.  We did swimming creatures while we were waiting for Hubby to return from a deployment because he wanted to teach the Chemistry and Physics.  I make sure Emily does the reading and book work during the day, and then on Tue/Thu nights she gets science class with Daddy!  We plan to continue to Apologia in the future.



Art – drawing, working with polymer clay

Typing – Typing Web online program

Home Ec – learning cooking, sewing and other household chores



Lots of trips to the local library for all sorts of books!

Written reports on places we go or topics we choose.  Next year we will include a formal writing program.

Tons of field trips – the zoo, historical sites, Washington DC, museums

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