Easter Weekend

Happy Easter! 

This year our family celebrated Easter a little different – no egg hunts, no baskets full of candy & gifts.  We decided to just keep it simple and instead just enjoyed a full weekend of fun family time.   I don’t have anything against baskets & egg hunts, but Emily hasn’t believed in the Easter bunny in years so we just decided to do it different this time. 

We spent the day Friday venturing out to the “big city” of Raleigh.  It’s only an hour and a half away, but we haven’t had a chance to go in a few months so it felt like a treat.  We enjoyed the road trip, spent a few hours at Whole Foods (there isn’t one near us), then let Emily play on a playground before heading home.

Saturday we spent the first half of the day at my local Crossfit box.  Rob and Emily came along to watch me during my workout class, and then we hung out to watch a competition known as The Open.  A couple of my friends were participating so we wanted to cheer them on.  Next year, I hope to join them!   We also ran some necessary errands to prepare for Easter dinner.

Sunday morning we celebrated Easter at church, and then we spent the rest of the day celebrating with some dear friends.  We hung out at their house, ate lots of food, let the kids play, went for a nice walk, and enjoyed lots of great fellowship.  We also made a homemade ice cream sundae bar!  We took our Vitamix to their house and Rob made 4 flavors of ice cream – all natural, no dye, no sugar – just frozen fruit & a tiny bit of coconut milk!  We had banana/mango, banana/blackberry, banana/cocoa, and banana/strawberry.  We had an assortment of toppings to choose from to make our healthy ice cream not-as-healthy, and it was so fun!  Rob even made some banana-only “ice cream” for our friend’s baby!


In case you are wondering, Emily didn’t even miss the egg hunt or candy basket.  She was perfectly content to pick out a few treats at Whole Foods on Friday, and was more excited to spend Easter playing with friends and eating homemade ice cream than hunting eggs. 

Here are some pictures from our after-church photo shoot.  Considering it had been dark and rainy all morning, these turned out pretty good.  So thankful the sun decided to come out!





(We can’t have a photo shoot without a silly picture!)



My sweet girl, growing up!


As I talk about Easter, one of my favorite songs makes me think about my grandmother.  She went to be with our Lord a few years ago, but this song was one of her absolute favorites.  It’s called “Because He Lives” – Enjoy!


I hope you had a blessed weekend with your family as well!

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