A stress fracture and a fancy new shoe

God has a way of slowing you down when He wants your attention. 

I recently discovered that I have a stress fracture in my 2nd metatarsal on my left foot.  My guess is that it’s from jumping rope since I recently attempted to add that in as a fun way to exercise.  Let me tell you, it’s NOT as easy as I remember from grade school – kids make it look easy! For the last month, my foot has hurt when I walked or stood on it too long. I’ve been ignoring it thinking it was just a bruise and would go away. 

It didn’t.

After much urging from my hubby about taking care of my feet (I know!), I finally made an appointment to get it checked out.  I wasn’t looking forward to hearing “there is nothing we can do but wait”, but I knew I needed a professional opinion if I ever wanted to go hiking again. 

The doc poked and mashed all over my foot for a while and then told me what I assumed all along – “there’s not much we can do except wait for it to heal”.  Yea, I figured.  She did tell me to get some cushions in my shoes to take some of the pressure off when I walk, and she ordered an x-ray and MRI, but she said she doesn’t expect to actually see anything on those. 

After the appointment, I headed over to the “Brace Shop” at the hospital on post to pick up my shoe inserts where the “foot guy” also sent me home with the latest stylish footwear.


Jealous? They go with everything.  At least they might if I had a matching pair.

He said this would help much more than the inserts because it would keep me from rolling up on the ball of my foot as I walk.  He’s right, it definitely feels better to walk on it with the shoe.  Let’s hope it helps it heal faster too!

2 comments to A stress fracture and a fancy new shoe

  • Leann Farque

    I stumbled onto your blog today via the snooping around about the paleo diet. I also have a son in the army and all 3 of my children have ADHD ranging from 25 to 12 years old. I also have a stepdaughter that is mentally challenged. your before and after pic showed there may be something to the Paleo diet. How did you do with that?

    • Midlife Army Wife

      I am about 80% paleo, but 100% gluten-free. I just can’t cut out rice, potatoes and beans completely but we have cut way back on them. They don’t seem to cause me any problems though, nor do they cause my daughter to react like she does to the dyes and gluten, so I’m ok with that. I notice the biggest change in the way I feel and in the “puffiness” of my face when I indulge with white sugar or dairy. Raw honey or pure maple syrup don’t cause me to react, but white sugar definitely does! Have you attempted the paleo way of eating yet?

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