Mommy-Daughter night & an indoor tree house

Recently while Daddy was working late, Emily & I had a Mommy-Daughter Campout in the living room.  We stayed up late, watched movies, and ate ice cream!  I slept on the big sofa, and Emily took the smaller one.  She decked it out in style though!


She set up her house-tent up on the sofa complete with pillows, sleeping bag & stuffed animals.

When it was time to clean up the living room, we decided to move the house to her bedroom.  She has a loft bed, so putting the house on the top bunk made an instant indoor tree house!


She was so excited and couldn’t wait to sleep in it!



All ready for bed with her favorite stuffed animal, Peanut.  Even Peanut has a stuffed animal!



Big lights out, and time for bedtime reading with her lamp inside the tent.



Night-Night, Bugaboo!!


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