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Today is Day 2 of the Blog Carnival hosted by Wives of Faith, and the topic is:

“What duty stations or locations would be on YOUR dream sheet?”

This one is easy for me to answer! So far I’ve only lived at one duty station – Fort Bragg – and I really like it here.  It’s close to the mountains and the beach. There are plenty of fun attractions a short drive away, and countless ones within a day’s drive all up and down the east coast!  Coming from Dallas, TX where going to the beach required a long weekend, I absolutely LOVE being able to go to the beach and back in a single day.

That said, there are some places that I would love to live during the remainder of my husband’s Army career, if the options were ever given to us.

1) Italy or Germany – these are a tie for me because either one would get us to Europe.  Rob was fortunate to be stationed at both of these his first time around in the Army, but those were before he met me so I would love the chance to experience that with him and see first hand where he spent several years of his life.

2) Hawaii – This one might not ever happen because it would require my husband giving up his Airborne status to go there, but it’s still on my dream list.  Our family loves, LOVES the beach and all things about the ocean.  While it might not be our retirement dream of the Caribbean, it would certainly be paradise to live in such a beautiful place and experience God’s glory in nature. They have mountains IN the ocean there, what’s not to love about that?

3) Alaska – I know, crazy cold right? That part would probably take a lot of getting used to, but I would still choose it over a stateside location just for the beauty of it and the chance to experience it.  The pictures I’ve seen of Alaska are always just beautiful and where else can you spot a moose in your backyard?

All of my “dream spots” are out of the continental U.S. because I figure we could go anywhere within the lower 48 on our own if we were willing to drive a while.  These dream spots are places that I figure we will never have a chance to move to unless it’s on the Army’s dime, so why not go big?

Also, I was born in California and moved to Texas when I was 5.  Then, I spent the next 30 years living in the same 30 mile radius, but my heart has ached for years to move to a new place and get to travel.  One of the things I was most excited about when Rob got back in the Army was the chance to see the world and show it to our daughter.  I know God has a sense of humor and it would be ironic if we spent the next 13 years at just ONE duty station, but we’ll hope not! Let’s get out there and see the world!

3 comments to Just dreaming

  • Jill Graham

    Alaska is awesome, yes crazy cold, but awesome. i used to live there. =)

  • I remember meeting my husband in Hawai’i after his first long deployment. It immediately shot to the top of the dream list, haha.

  • Thanks for stopping by God’s Every Day Girl 🙂 Hard to believe you’ve been at only one duty station- I hope you get the chance to experience other locations the Army has to offer! Your Ball pictures were beautiful btw 🙂

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