Daddy-Daughter Bonding & A Spoiled Cat

Right now Hubby & Lovebug are out on the deck doing some quality bonding and working with power tools. 

All for our very spoiled cat.


See, our kitty likes to go outside.  That’s not so strange, but the strange part is she won’t even try to jump the fence (I don’t think she knows she CAN) so she just stays in the backyard. 

The problem? 

The deck at our new house has some gaping holes underneath, and we now have a puppy that likes to playfully chase the cat.  We don’t want the cat to go hide under the deck where we can’t get her out, so we need to cover up the holes before we can give her freedom.

I don’t care about her freedom so much as I want to be able to leave open these beautiful french doors and enjoy the gorgeous weather we’ve been having.  Obviously, if the doors are open she will head outside.  So, it must be fixed.2012-03-25_16-11-31_222

So, Hubby & Lovebug headed to Lowe’s to get some lattice and are now cutting it to fit on either side of the deck.

Soon…very soon…we will once again be able to leave the doors wide open and enjoy the fresh air.

That reminds me – I need to find our flyswatter!

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