When the toys are away, the imagination will play!

We are moving to a house off post this upcoming weekend, so most of our belongings are already packed and our house is full of cardboard boxes.  Since it was our choice to move from on post to off post, the Army doesn’t do the packing and moving for us like they usually would.  Bummer! I really enjoyed that last time.  Actually, it’s not too bad – we even managed to score some free moving boxes from someone else that had just unpacked from a move.  Someone is always coming or going on an Army post!

Lovebug can’t wait to play with the cardboard boxes (her favorite toy) once we unpack, but for now she’s having to make do with whatever she can find that hasn’t been packed yet.  Yesterday, she created an “igloo” in the middle of our living room and spent the majority of the day sitting inside and reading her new library books.  After spending some time in the sunshine today, she’s now back in the igloo enjoying a snack and a good book!



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