Soldier Salute

Just a couple days before Veteran’s Day, my awesome Hubby was featured on a local news channel in their “Soldier Salute” program.  I submitted his information and some photos and was super thrilled when they notified me that it would be showing.  Thank goodness for DVRs, because they gave me a 2.5 hour window and it was super early in the morning!  Later that morning, I surprised both Granny and Lovebug when I played it on TV as they thought I was just looking at a regular show.  I was fast forwarding as I looked for it, and Granny started screaming “Go back!! That looks like Lovebug and Hubby!!”.  It was precious! I should have videoed THEIR reactions, but instead I was aiming my video camera at the TV so I could record it for Hubby.

The news people were on the ball though, and I didn’t even need to record it! Just seconds after I watched it, I received an email from them with a link directly to the video online. 

Here is my handsome hero!

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  • Phil

    Good for you, and good for your husband! You did a wonderful thing to provide the information in his honor and I am so glad NBC-17 provided the public salute to Rob!

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