Bye-bye busy, time for productive

I’ve been so busy lately that I feel like I’ve been living in a fog.  Of course part of that may just be because my allergies are wrecking havoc on my sinuses so my nose has been bouncing back and forth from being completely open to sealed tighter than a drum.  The weather has shifted to typical cooler Fall weather, which I love! Unfortunately, with that comes some seasonal allergies as my body adjusts to living in a new state for the first time in 30+ years.

I’ve been working a lot on organizing my To-Do list lately.  I’m actually not organizing as much as consolidating.  I’m a compulsive list maker! I don’t remember to do anything if I don’t write it down.  If I see you at the store, and you ask me to email you a recipe when I get home, I literally have to stop and set an alarm on my phone right then and there to remind me when I’m at home later.  Otherwise, it’s as good as forgotten by the time I get 2 aisles over and start picking out frozen vegetables.

So what happens is I end up making multiple lists.  I have a list on my phone, one on my desk, another in the car, and a few on random pieces of scratch paper that I grabbed when an idea came to me that I didn’t want to forget. 

Now, I’m compiling all of them into one spiral notebook!

Then, I’ll start tackling them in order of priority or interest.  I’ve got recipes to taste, crafts to create, homeschool projects to do, field trips to explore, and blog posts galore to write!

I know the holidays are coming up, but even taking that into account, I think the next month is going to be much calmer for me than the last few months have been.  Once Granny leaves in a few days, we have no plans to travel or have visitors for some time.  I’m very purposefully keeping the calendar pretty open so that I can focus on what matters most. 

I’ll be back in a few days as I get started on that list of blog posts I need to write!

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