Strong Bonds Retreat at Great Wolf Lodge

This past weekend, Lovebug and I had the chance to attend a Strong Bonds retreat.  It was put on by the Army Chaplaincy and was specifically for spouses & children of deployed soldiers.  We were blessed with a free stay at the Great Wolf Lodge a couple hours away from Fort Bragg.  Our stay included dinner Friday, breakfast Saturday and Sunday, and lunch Saturday.  We didn’t even have to share our room with anyone! Of course the stay also included the waterpark during our free time, so that was an amazing bonus!  The only thing we had to pay for the entire time was for Lovebug to play the Magiquest game, but that was optional and completely our choice. 

The Army provided free childcare by licensed childcare providers while we attended sessions where we played ice breakers, chatted with friends, met new friends, and learned some great tips on communication with our spouse.

We had a great time!  Lovebug and I got to spend a lot of time hanging out with some great friends of ours, and we also had some fun time together just the two of us. 

If you ever get a chance to attend one of the Strong Bonds retreats (they also do them for single soldiers as well as for soldiers and their spouses), I highly recommend it!


We’re HERE!!



She must have been still eating her turkey on the way in because she has food in her mouth in this picture! Ewww – too bad, because otherwise, it’s a great shot 🙂



Our room



Chilling on the balcony





With her wolf ears! They came with the kids meal at lunch



She’s howling!



The kids got their faces painted, and there were several tiger friends running around.  She even got a wolf TAIL too the next time we went to the restaurant – extra treat!

2011-09-18_10-27-10_388     2011-09-18_13-58-43_692


MagiQuest adventure time


In the waterpark


 2123 2125 2126 2131


She went down this orange slide!! She was so nervous, but she said she really wanted to do it.  She doesn’t like fast slides at all, and she really doesn’t like the unexpected.  I was so proud of her for overcoming her fears and not letting them stand in the way of her fun.  I told her if she didn’t want to do it then she could walk away, but if she wanted to do it I would be there with her to help her.  She came down and was so excited she went back a second time!



Meeting Violet after the bedtime story and animal show



All tucked in with Daddy!



Thanks again to all the many people who made it such a wonderful weekend!

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