Making Marriage Work Tip #10


I hope you have enjoyed all of these tips!  I know that each of them have improved our marriage, and I hope that your marriages will be also blessed through them. 

Tip #10 – Pray for your spouse

Pray FOR them.  I didn’t say pray that they would change.  There is a world of difference. 

Years ago, there was something that I really wanted to do.  It wasn’t just about buying new shoes, but was a major decision that would affect our entire family. Hubby was not on the same page as me at all!  I spent weeks, even months, praying that God would change his mind.  Make him see it my way. 

Finally, God spoke to me clearly and I was convicted that I was praying the wrong way.  Instead of praying that Hubby would change, I began to ask God to change MY heart if this was not something He wanted for our family.  I asked Him to take away my desire for this, and to put me on the same page as my husband.

In almost no time, Hubby came to me and told me that he had changed his mind and he too felt this was the right thing for us to do.

I’m not saying that praying for your spouse will always result in what you want.  In fact, Hubby and I have been on the same page now for years, but we are still waiting on God to open the doors.

My point is that we need to pray for God to work in our spouse’s lives the way HE wants to, not the way we want.  If you are not on the same page about something, then ask God to change your heart if needed….and then be open to allowing Him to do so.

If you need a place to start, let me recommend these links.  Each of them gives you 31 days of topics to pray for your spouse, as well as scripture to go along with them.


  • 31 days of Praying for your Husband – A good friend and I walked through this together, getting together once a week to pray over our husbands aloud and it was very powerful!


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