Old fashioned coffee


This morning I got out our “old” coffee maker so I could make a full pot of coffee for iced coffee.  Lovebug saw it and said, "So that’s an old fashioned coffee maker?".  I could not contain my laughter!  She even said “Are you laughing at me or the cat?”.  Ummmm…look! The cat is doing something cute! Distract! Distract! Distract!

I mean, it’s from Starbucks.  How old can it be?  No sweetie, THIS is an old fashioned coffee maker. Ha Ha!


Whatever will we do with these kids growing up with phones without cords and Keurig coffee makers? 🙂

2 comments to Old fashioned coffee

  • Too cute. She does say some very funny things.

  • Kaz' Bunch

    Interested in a trade? Your “old fashioned coffee pot” for the Cuisinart that I opened yesterday?

    How will be ever explain VHS tapes and cassette players to our grandchildren? Personally, I’m looking forward to the day when the Jetson style food synthesizer is available. I enjoy cooking, but somedays it would be nice to push a few buttons and have organic, nutritious food arrive ready for consumption in a matter of seconds.

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