Horse Riding in Delaware

This past week Lovebug and I spent some time in Delaware.  We stayed at my friend’s house, and another friend came in from another state to join us.  It was a great time!  Lots of girlfriend time for us grownups, and lots of fun play time for the kiddos.  There were 2 girls (both 7 years old) and 2 boys (5 & 11).

I’ll post about the entire trip tomorrow, but first I have to get these pictures & videos posted (for the grandparents mostly!).

On our last day there, Lovebug got to go horseback riding!  Our friends that we were staying with have a place they take their daughter for horseback riding lessons, and Lovebug was allowed to not only go along, but to join in!  She has ridden before, and took lessons as part of her occupational therapy for about a year.  She LOVES horses, and is so comfortable around them.

She was on cloud 9!! She got to meet Suade the horse and was instantly in love!  She even got to meet a real barrel racer!! One of the horse owners is a teenager that has been barrel racing since she was 8 years old.  Lovebug was star struck!  “Miss Brittany” did a barrel racing demo for us, and WOW is she fast!

See for yourself…here is the demo:



Now, here is our Lovebug…

Getting on the horse (without a ramp like she’s used to) 


Walking the horse in the barrel pattern (Mute your speakers – we were talking a lot while waiting for her!)



This one is REALLY long, but she was doing “Pole Bending” weaving in and out of the poles – great steering!!



She got to “jump” the horse, which is really funny because the horse just had to step over the pole – gotta start somewhere!



Here they let her trot (and they thought this would be fast for her – so cute!)



Later, Lovebug went back and asked if they would let her canter (faster than trotting, slower than a gallop).  They said if it was ok with me (which it was!), so back on the horse she went, and here she goes!

On the way down…



On the way back…FAST!



Here is a slideshow of pictures from our time at the “ranch”.

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