Rockfish Summer Camp Days 2, 3, & 4

Lovebug is having the BEST time at camp! This has been an amazing experience for her and she’s already asking if she can go next summer.  I’m so glad she’s loving it!  It makes for some very long days because I have to wake her up early, and she gets home late, but it’s worth it.  She wasn’t ready for the sleepover camp, so this way she gets to have all of the fun but sleep at home in her own comfy bed.  She’s so tired, but so happy when I pick her up each day.  She eats her dinner that I bring her on the way home (complete with ICE COLD watermelon…what could be better after a long day in the hot outdoors?), then gets a quick bath, brushes her teeth, I read her a story, and off to sleep she goes.

Today is her last day and they are going on a field trip to a bowling alley.  I know she’ll have a great time because she loves to go bowling.  We’ve even made great progress in the bowling sock/shoe area.  She either wears the shoes without socks, or she wears the ONE set of socks she will tolerate.  She found a set of socks a while back that have the days of the week marked on them.  She loved that and will wear them IF they are on the right day, of course! It drives her crazy when I suggest she wear her Monday socks on Thursday, or when I dare to suggest she mix up the pairs.  *grin*

Here are the videos with Lovebug’s summary of her days at camp on Day 2 and 3.  She actually did an amazing video for Day 2 full of all sorts of detail, so it’s pretty long.

Day 2:


Day 3:


Day 4 – singing a camp song she learned:

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