Making Marriage Work Tip #7


Tip #7 is about R-E-S-P-E-C-T

Respect your spouse in your heart and also in your actions.  Treat them the way you want them to treat you.  This means no name calling, no pushing & shoving, no destroying their property.  It also means you don’t talk bad about them in public!  This is HUGE!!! Years ago, Hubby and I went out to dinner with a “friend” that we worked with and his wife.  The entire time we were together this woman bad-mouthed her husband.  She talked about him like he was a child and like he wasn’t sitting right beside her.  She was constantly making comments like “Oh, he can’t cook! His food tastes awful”, or “He’s the worst driver I’ve ever seen”.  Things like that.  We were so uncomfortable as we watched his face and saw him getting more and more dejected.  You could see his self esteem just melting away.  Unfortunately, they ended up getting a divorce.  Not because of that one night, but because there was an overall lack of respect in their marriage.

We need to build up our spouse – both to their face, and to others.  Extra brownie points if you talk nice about them to other people – in front of them!  It puts me on cloud 9 when Hubby compliments my cooking, or something I did and says it to other people in front of me.  I know he is the same way.  Truth is, I think anyone would love that, even if they act embarrassed. 

If this is a challenge in your marriage, start small.  Make a big deal out of little things.  Let him overhear you talking to a friend and saying “Hubby did an awesome job cooking dinner last night – it was so good!”, or “My wife made the best cookies yesterday – I love it when she bakes!”.  Find something to compliment them on…cooking, cleaning, taking out the trash, mowing, making your coffee, something they did at work or with the kids, etc…and then compliment them in public! 


I leave you with this old, but still awesome classic…


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