Notes, Notes, everywhere!

I love Post-it notes! Truth is, I love all school/office supplies.  It’s a quirk I have.  I could spend hours wandering around office supply stores.  Books and school supplies make me happy.  Colored pens, stickers, decorative paper clips, scented markers…..but I digress. 

Back to the Post-it notes.  I love the different colors, and the fancy ones shaped like flowers or butterflies.  I don’t care about the brand name.  In fact, I often buy then in the dollar spot at Target. I used to have Post-its everywhere! In my journal, in books, on walls, mirrors – everywhere.  I used to make lists of my lists.  Of course, I’d also often forget where I put my list.  That did me no good.

Welcome to the digital age of Post-its!  Now I have several places to store my ideas and “to do” lists.

  • Bookmarks on my web browser – I have countless folders and bookmarks on my browser.  It’s gotten overcrowded and I actually have trouble remembering where I put some things.  Or I forget to go back and look at them.  I definitely have some purging to do.


  • My collection of notes in my Microsoft OneNote.  I LOVE this product! You can make tabs for different sections, and then tabs within the sections.  It’s is seriously a digital version of Post-it notes.  I’ve got homeschooling notes, lists of things to blog about, lists of books Emily has read, To Do lists, lists of activities to do – by month, and much much more!  I’ve got so much information in there, and it’s all in one place!  Again, I could spend a little time purging in here too.


  • And now…Pinterest!  Oh my, that place is addicting!  It’s like bookmarks, only WITH PICTURES!! SO much better! I will definitely be retiring my bookmark list.  It is not only a place to save all of the things I like – craft ideas, decorating ideas, products I want, gift ideas, etc.  I can also follow my FRIENDS’ lists and see what THEY like!  Organizing, getting new ideas, and stalking too! 

If you aren’t already on Pinterest, and you want to be, just send me your email address and I’ll invite you to join.


Of course, even with the digital version, I will always have a stack or two of Post-it notes on hand.  They are just fun!  They are also one of my favorite choices for entertaining a child!  Kids of various ages will be entertained for quite some time with a stack of these sticky notes. 

Super young kids are simply entertained by pulling off one page at a time.  Over and over and over.

Older kids learning to read can use them too.  Write names of objects around the house on them and have the child match the note to the object. 

They are perfect for car trips too because the kids can draw on them and stick them everywhere without Mom & Dad worrying about sticker residue damage on the car. 

I feel happy just thinking about them.  Must need to get a new stack!

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