Homemade Detective Kit

Since Lovebug’s birthday fell right in the middle of her Science Detective Camp I thought it would be fun to give her a present that went along with the theme.  I didn’t want to spend much money because the camp itself was her main present, but I also wanted something for her to open.  I was thinking something homemade would be great….but what?  Then, one day I was surfing around on the web and I came across this blog post describing a homemade detective kit they had made.  I was so excited and went straight to work making my own for my newest detective!

Here is the end result!


I used a simple photo storage box that I bought at a local craft store for $2.00.  Then I decorated it myself by drawing footprints, and putting my own fingerprints on it.


Inside the box was this note explaining what was inside:



Here are some close-ups of the items:


1. Detective badge – I bought a “make your own keychain” from the craft store for $.99 and made my own insert.

2. Journal – Found a cute notebook in the $1 section, and glued my cover over theirs

3. Speciman swaps made from a travel size package of Q-tips



4. Evidence Bags – you can find these little bitty ziploc type bags in the beading section of your local craft store.  They didn’t have any small packages when I went, but I got 250 bags for $5.  I’m sure she’ll use them up!

5. Fingerprint lifting tape – just regular tape. Like I said, this kit requires imagination!  However, if you want REAL lifting tape, I found some here.  Might have to try that sometime!

6. Fingerprinting Kit – a pad of “washable” (but it’s not very washable) ink, and some blank index cards



7. Magnifying glasses – I found a package of 3 for $5.  2 of them are “secret” ones that fold out, adding to the excitement.

8. Brushes – Paint section at the craft store.  I think I paid $1.99 each to get decent ones.

9. Flashlight – already had at home



Everything together!


She absolutely LOVED it!! She told me over and over how much she loved this, and immediately got to work looking for fingerprints and collecting evidence.  I did have to make a rule that no food “specimens” could be kept in her room after she used ketchup as fake blood and was planning to keep it forever.

Who says kid’s toys need to be expensive? 

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