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A couple of weeks ago, Lovebug attended a “Science & Detective Camp” at a local children’s museum.  I had come across an ad for it in a local publication and I knew it would be perfect for her! She’s always been interested in detectives, spies, mysteries, and similar adventures.  This was a half-day camp for 5 days, and she had a blast!  Every day she came home with a new story to tell, and a project they had done.

Lovebug also got an extra treat when we saw what was in the classroom where the camp was held.  The museum has pet snakes and rats!

2146  2144

The rats were mostly there to feed the snakes, but a couple of them were there to keep, like that big white one.  She had just had BABIES!  They were these teeny tiny little creatures that the kids just couldn’t get enough of, especially my little animal lover.   Evidently Momma-Rat wasn’t too happy that the museum worker kept feeding her young to the snake (who was also pregnant!), but it’s the circle of life, ya know! After all, it IS Science camp!

The kids even got to hold the babies!

2151 2153

It was pretty neat to watch that the worker could put down one of the babies on the counter, and Momma-Rat would go pick it up and take it back to it’s cage.  She was careful not to just leave those babies laying around.

Want to see?


Back to the camp…

They made detective badges…


They made SLIME and learned about fingerprinting…


They made little creatures…


She even made “shrinky dinks” out of plastic cups (didn’t get a picture of that one), and of course made new friends!

They also got some play time in the museum where there are many different stations set up.  They have a grocery store, post office, dentist, fire station, Army area, etc.  Of course Bug enjoyed posing with the Army stuff and insisted I take pictures!



She said “Look, just like Daddy!!”



…then said “No, wait! I can’t smile! I have to be serious” (just like Daddy in his uniform pictures)



Then she found a hat just like Daddy’s favorite one!


It was a great week!  So great in fact, that I signed her up for another one! She just started it today.  This week she’ll be doing full days with half a day of Science and half a day of Art!  She was so excited to see so many of the same kids there again this time! I know she’ll have a wonderful week.

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