She went off the diving board!


Yesterday Lovebug started swimming lessons here on post.  She was a little nervous, and I couldn’t figure out why.  She LOVES the water.  L-O-V-E-S it.  She couldn’t even stay out of the ocean when we were there once in December.  So I asked her why she was nervous, and she said, “This is the first time someone other than Aunt Chelle will be teaching me”.  She actually took one set of lessons at our gym a couple years ago, but obviously they weren’t as impressive as her favorite swim teacher.  All she knows is that our dear family friend, Aunt Chelle, has been teaching her swim lessons every year since she was born.  We miss you, Chelle!

I assured her this teacher would be plenty capable, and off we went, her excitement growing!


She lucked out on the first day and no other kids showed up for her level, so she ended up with a private lesson.  I had enrolled her in Level 1, because it has been a while (since last summer) since she’s had lessons, and I wanted to make sure she was able to review and boost her confidence before overdoing it.  Also because you never really know what their Level 1 is compared to others.  I’m glad I did because the kids in Level 2 are much bigger/better swimmers, but by the end of these 2 weeks, she’ll be ready for Level 2 next time!

In fact, the teacher said she could already do everything that they normally teach in Level 1.  However, I know that 2 weeks of reviewing that will do wonders for her ability, confidence and endurance.

Since they had finished up for the day, her teacher said she could go off the diving board – in the DEEP water!  Normally at this pool, in order to do off the board, or down the water slides, they have to pass a swim test.  Last week when we were there she didn’t want to do the swim test yet (swim across the pool and back), even though I knew she could do it.  I told her she’d be ready by the end of swimming lessons.

I underestimated her! She was ready the first day!  She didn’t have to do the swim test yet, but she got to go off the diving board! 

Into 11 feet of water!

She’s gone off a diving board at one of our friend’s houses recently, but she either 1) wore a lifevest, or 2) jumped into a float.

This time, it was all her!!  The teacher was in the deep end “just in case”, but she didn’t need him! She just walked up there, jumped in, and swam to the side like a champ! 

Then she did it 4 more times!

That’s my girl!!

I know you want to see it too, so here you go!


Then the teacher told her to try it with a running start.  She did, but I don’t think she was prepared for how wobbly the board would get.  I could almost hear her thinking “Whoa, that bounces!”.


In 3 more years we can teach her to SCUBA dive!

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