Summer Reading

Our local library has a summer reading program that Lovebug is participating in.  She’s already earned her first prize! The kids get a chart to keep track of their progress in 20 minute increments, and then they get a prize at 4 hours, 8 hours, 12 hours & 24 hours. 

It took her no time at all to hit that 4 hour prize.  She reads every morning when she wakes up for 30-60 minutes, and she reads for another 30 minutes before falling asleep on most nights.  She takes a book (or 2 or 3) with her everywhere she goes and loves to read in the car while we’re running errands.

She was beyond excited to find out the 4 hour prize was a Yo-Yo!  For WEEKS now, she’s been talking about how much she wants a Yo-Yo, and she’s been reminding me of it constantly since I had told her to wait till her birthday, or spend her own money.  Even though this Yo-Yo is not fancy, it doesn’t glow in the dark or play music – it is priceless to her because it’s her first, and she earned it!!



Here are some other summer reading programs.  Check it out and see which ones are near you!

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