I will not interrupt I will not interrupt I will not interrupt

Today was a wonderful day in so many ways, but frustrating at the same time.  Lovebug is going through another “interrupting phase”.  Not just interrupting either, but keeping on and on and on after I tell her no, or ask her to wait. 

Honestly, it’s something that as a kid I struggled with as well.  My mother would tell you that I always have.  I like to talk.  I like to relate to people and communicate with them.  Sometimes my mouth moves before my mind does. 

Actually, it’s something I am always working on.  Hubby and I tend to finish each other’s thoughts and sentences just because we know each other so well.

“Hey Babe, would you get…”

“You want some water? Sure!”

Problem is, to anyone else, it just sounds like interrupting.

Even talking to friends.  Sometimes I get so excited about what they are saying that I want to comment, but I have to wait.  I’ve literally had to bite my tongue before to make myself slow down and JUST listen.  I know, I’m a work in progress.

So, today was a struggle with Lovebug interrupting me over and over.  At a friend’s house.  When someone came to the door.  Seriously, she hadn’t talked to me for 10 minutes because she was busy, but the second I’m talking to someone at the door she comes running up – not to see who it was, but to ask me if she could have a banana.

Nope.  The answer when you interrupt me is always the opposite of what you want.

Often, she’s often just trying to be part of the conversation, which I love, but much of the time she’s also just trying to get her way about something.

It continued during dinner, and after dinner when we were working together in the kitchen.

I was at a loss for a consequence for this.  Nothing seemed to fit.  Then I thought about writing sentences.  However, I know that handwriting is a real (painful, tearful) struggle for her – it’s something we work on constantly during school.  So, I was trying to think of another way to pound this into her head.

We were making almond butter in the blender at the time, so I grabbed a measuring cup full of almonds and an empty bowl.  I told her she had to move one almond at a time to the bowl and with each one, say, “I will not interrupt.  It is rude and selfish.”

She did this probably 30 times, and then I stopped her.  With about 15 almonds left in the cup, I decided I wanted her to end her consequence on a different note. 

So I had her say, “I am a child of God.  I will love others because He loves me!”

Over and over and over.

I could see her spirit lifting, and the gleam in her eye as SHE GOT IT.  It’s not just about following a “no interrupting” rule.  It’s about loving others, and this is just one way we can do that.

It was a lesson for me as well.  Sometimes I think that’s why God gave me a child – not only does He bless me through her, He teaches me through her.

4 thoughts on “I will not interrupt I will not interrupt I will not interrupt

  1. Wow Babe, what a great way to discipline her, and train her. I love it. Consequence plus positive reinforcement. Great job!!!

  2. What a very creative way to train your daughter! I know from the personal experience of raising two sons whom I love very much that the issue of interrupting is a difficult one. We all want our children to feel free to speak, but at the same time, to learn “their turn.” As you point out so well, even we as adults have to continue to work on that lesson! I look forward to your writings and continue to pray for you, and “Hubby,” and “Lovebug” during the difficult time of deployment.

  3. This is wonderful. We use writing positive statements to correct behavior for our two older children, but I was struggling to find something similar that would work with our younger two. We talked about your blog entry this morning over breakfast and decided we would try something similar. We have some weeds to pull and small river rocks that need to be moved around to get in a little “heavy work” at the same time. I’m excited to have another means of positive statement discipline. Thanks for sharing.

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