Building with Daddy and Grown-up goals

Before Hubby left, he and Lovebug worked on a project together.  They put together a couple shelves for her room.  They worked hard! They sawed, sanded, and glued these together and spent a few days working together on it.



Lovebug is turning her room into a “museum” because she LOVES to collect things. She collects nature items mostly, but also bottlecaps and marbles.  Now she has a couple beautiful ways to display some of her prized possessions on the wall!  I’ll have to take another picture of them because they are full of treasures now.

 2076 2075


Well done! Great teamwork!


She’s also decided that when she grows up she wants to own a museum.  It’s amazing the amount of detail she has in her head about this.  The other night, she and I laid in her bed talking about it for over an hour as she described the rooms she wanted to have, when she would be open, how she wanted it to be cheap so people could come often, and how she wanted to use her nature and science museum to teach people about God!  There were so many ideas, and with such detail that I wouldn’t doubt for a moment that God placed this dream in her heart. 

She wants a Sensory Room with pogo sticks, bean bags, books to read, furs, skins & textures to feel, and water to touch.  She wants a bug room, and a rare animal and plant room.  She even said she wanted to have a “live animal” room where one family at a time could go in and interact with an animal in a quiet setting so that everyone and the animal would feel comfortable.  She also wants to travel and take pictures of rare plants and animals to hang up in her museum – and then sell copies of the prints to make money for her museum.

It would not surprise me one bit if she did this!! She has always loved nature since she was a baby, and science is her favorite subject in school.  She knows more about animals than most people I know, and is always learning.  I’m encouraging her to write these dreams and goals in her journal “so she’ll remember them”, but honestly, it’s also so I’ll remember :)  I want to capture these thoughts while I can.


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  • Tata Barb

    Love Love Love it. I love how specific she is… how much thought she’s put into it… how inspired she is! LOVE LOVE LOVE! She’s amazing!

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