Our latest bargain!

We came home with this today!


I always said I would never get one of these things! But that was mostly because they are crazy expensive and I just don’t think a young child needs to have their own car that costs as much as many people’s car payments!

However…I couldn’t pass up this bargain! 

$25! It comes with a battery that you just plug into the wall and re-charge.

Our next door neighbors have one of these for their 2 year old, but Lovebug and another neighbor (also 6) LOVE to play on it.  Bug still fits in it, and is under the maximum weight….so why not?  Between us and the 2 houses on one side of us, there are usually 5 kids playing outside together.  Sometimes 6 if one of the ladies is babysitting.  So, for $25 it will also help keep the peace when all the kids are fighting to ride on the ONE powerwheel, or they are all sitting on it together and are so heavy it won’t move.  Although, that is pretty funny to watch!

I figure for this price, we’ll enjoy it as long as possible, and then hand it down to one of the younger kids.

She was so excited about it, she wanted to just sit in it even though the battery wasn’t charged yet.  She even ate dinner sitting in it and watching a movie!  Special treat!


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