Daddy Daughter Dance (at home)


About a month before Hubby left for his deployment, Lovebug asked for another Daddy Daughter dance at home “in our fancy clothes”.  No way was he going to turn that down!  So, once again, Hubby got all dressed up in his tux to twirl his daughter around the living room to a few songs.

It was PRECIOUS! They were both beaming with love for each other and I know those moments will last a lifetime in their minds.  I love that Hubby puts such a priority on taking Lovebug out for dates.  He’s showing her through his example how a man should treat a lady, and he’s also showing her how special and deserving of his love she is.  That relationship between a daughter and her Daddy is so important, and I’m thankful that my little girl has such a great Daddy!



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No dance is complete without cookies and punch, so I made them homemade cookies and root beer floats!



After the dance, they went out for their usual date – SUSHI! It’s Lovebug’s favorite!

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