Yard Sale Season!

I love a bargain, and do my best to avoid paying full retail for most things.  Thrift stores, flea markets & yard sales are like exciting treasure hunts for me.  This past weekend, there was a post-wide yard sale.  That meant lots and lots of yard sales all over post.  What fun!  Normally, I would have taken Lovebug with me because she loves it as much as I do, but this time I went with some girlfriends instead for some Mommy time. 

I even set my alarm and got up early!  Any one that knows me well will be surprised at that :)  I am so NOT a morning person, but I’m trying hard to become one.  Once I’m out of bed with my face washed and teeth brushed, I can do it, but it’s that getting out of bed part that’s hard.  A cup of coffee is usually needed too!

So, I met my friends around 7:00 and off we went!  After stopping for coffee, we set out to find some bargains.  I was very pleased with my finds!  Although, most of it ended up being for Lovebug.  Why do we moms do that? 🙂

What I got:

* A set of baskets with liners for only $3.  The liners come out for washing, and I know one of these will make a perfect place to store snacks in the pantry.

* A Razor scooter for $5! Bug has one scooter, but at such a great price I thought it would be great to have one on hand when she wants to ride with a friend.

* I scored at one sale (or I guess Bug did) where a young girl was selling her books for 5 cents each!!  That’s 20 books for $1.00!  I ended up with around 30 books I think.

* Bug LOVES to play with Hot Wheels style cars, and I found an entire CASE of them for $5! The case even has wheels and a handle to pull around.

* A large wooden box (that held ammunition) that I plan on re-purposing as shelves with a little paint.

* Oh, and one pair of 4T jeans (for my almost 7 year old) that I will cut off and make into shorts for her.


I think that’s it.  My friends got some incredible deals too! 

Unfortunately, a lot of the sales didn’t happen because of the threat of rain (which ended up being a serious tornado!), so I look forward to more yard sales this spring/summer!


** What are some of your favorite yard sale finds? **

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