I get spoiled easily!

Hubby had to go back to work today after being off work for just a 3-day weekend, and already I miss him!  Of course, that might be because out of the last EIGHT months, I have spent ONE of those with him.  I love waking up with him, going to bed with him, staying up late laughing and talking about random things with him.  Everything!

I’m not looking forward to this upcoming deployment.  It’s approaching way too fast.   This 12 month deployment is going to be much different than the previous 8 months.  At least when he was in WTC & AIT, we were able to talk almost every single night.  I was even able to visit him a couple times for a weekend.  This past time at JRTC was probably a better preview to what deployment would be like since for the majority of the time we weren’t able to communicate.  My cell phone was having serious signal problems (I am now with a new provider – YAY!), so I missed most of his calls.  Even when he did call, we only had a couple minutes to talk.  But it was ok because I knew I’d see him in a month.

This time, I’ll have a whole year to wait.  I know I’ll be ok.  I know Lovebug will be ok.  We have both already made some great friends here that I know will be a huge support as we go through this.  Several of them have husbands that will be going with mine, and others have husbands going elsewhere or at a different time, or have already been through it.  I’m so thankful for the many many military spouses I have met in just the last several months!  I prayed for friendships, and God provided!

We also already have plans to do some fun things while Daddy is gone to help pass the time.  We’re going to travel to see some friends, explore fun things in the area, hang out at the pool, and do some schoolwork.  Yes, school 🙂  As a homeschooling family, I like us to get some schoolwork done in the summer when it’s crazy hot outside, so that we can take off more days in the fall when we want to spend more time outside.  We’ll also be busy with karate classes, swimming lessons, and camps.  I’m planning to work my way through a certain cookbook trying some new recipes, and see if I can find an online photography class.  Oh, and work on my scrapbooks! I’m so far behind, it’s like I haven’t started!

So, I know we’ll get through it.  It’s just that I’m going to miss my best friend.  We love hanging out together and enjoy doing just about anything together.  It’s going to feel odd doing some of these things without him, and I kinda feel a little guilty about planning to have so much fun while he’s gone working so hard.  Just a little guilty though, not enough to not do it 🙂

As we talk about our Pre-Deployment To-Do lists, I can see that the time is going to fly by and that we will stay busy.  We have most of the big things out of the way, emergency plans in place, Power of Attorney taken care of, finances in place.  But we still need to pick up some supplies he wants to take with him, discuss some “what if” situations (not all bad, just things that might come up so I can get his opinion ahead of time), and we are hoping to sell our van before he leaves.  No sense having a car payment and paying for insurance for a vehicle that won’t be used much.  We can put that money aside and buy a car when he gets back.  I’ll drive our (paid-for!) truck while he’s gone!

Well, I have a few piles of laundry to get back to.  I’ll be back later because I have some pictures to share.

Happy Monday!

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  • Phil

    Thank you so much for your wonderful writings! I have read many of your blogs and love your honesty, openness, sincerity, courage, optimism, and faith! I am not myself an Army wife, nor am I in the Army, but I AM the father-in-law of a very special Army wife so I understand just a little of the difficulties with which you must cope. You write SO well and provide true inspiration. Thank you again and I will continue to follow your writings.

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