I finally talked to Hubby!

For the last 10 days, I haven’t spoken to or even been able to text with Hubby.  Evidently there is one little pocket of space at JRTC where Hubby’s cell phone gets a signal.  Back here at home, my cell phone has had ZERO signal.  To say I am fed up with Sprint is an understatement.  We are seriously close to switching to another provider.  I have missed at least 5 calls from Hubby because my phone didn’t even ring, went straight to voicemail, and then alerted me to said voicemail over an hour later!


We were doing fine, and really, it’s only been 10 days, so we were hanging in there.   I mean, once he deploys I can expect to have periods that long or longer, so I just figured it was a practice run.  At the same time, it’s incredible how much I missed just hearing his voice.  He’s my best friend, my true love – the one I talk to about everything.  I missed just being able to hear about his day, tell him about mine, and laugh together.

Today, we finally had SUCCESS!!

It seems that many people at JRTC were having cell phone coverage problems, so the MWR (Morale, Welfare, & Recreation) stepped in and helped out.  They are routing phone calls through the MWR so the soldiers can call through a landline instead.

Great idea, but it didn’t help since he was calling my cell phone – with no signal whatsoever.  I missed a couple more calls.

Today I had the idea to check out the Skype website.  We have Skype set up so we can video chat with the grandparents, computer to computer.  I knew I had seen something on the website about calling to/from a landline, so I checked that out.

Turns out, for just $18 for 3 months, I could buy a phone number that could be called from a landline or mobile phone.  It might sound like a lot of money, but at this point I would have paid $18 for one phone call with him!  So, I signed up!

I sent Hubby a text message with my new phone number.   He called from the MWR landline straight to my computer, and presto! We were able to talk…for 33 whole minutes!!

YAY!! It felt so good to hear his voice.  We quickly caught up on the last week and a half, professed our love to each other many times, then said goodbye.  Ahhhh, relief.  Hopefully we can do this again soon but even if he gets too busy with work to call, I think I could make it the rest of the way off this one call.  I don’t want to, but I could.

So, if you find yourself in the same situation missing call after call due to bad cell coverage, check out Skype.  It fixed our problem for now, but we’ll still be looking at getting new cell phones and a new provider.

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