My daughter is a comedian!

For the longest time, Lovebug didn’t understand humor.  She is *extremely* literal.  She didn’t understand figures of speech like “I’m going to get on the computer" – she’d say, “Why are you going to get ON the computer, it could break”.  She didn’t think jokes were funny because she’d spend so much time trying to figure out the literal meaning of the joke, that the moment was lost.

The last year or so, it’s finally clicked and she is funny!  She loves to read jokes, and even tries to make up her own jokes.  Of course, her telling the joke is often more funny than the joke she made up, but it’s hilarious to hear her try.

Things like,

Q. Why did the chicken cross the road?

A. To get to the elephant!

I don’t get it, but she’s so cute and she cracks herself up, and THAT is funny!


Lately she has really enjoyed reading joke books, and I have to say that she’s much better at remembering them than I am.  But she doesn’t just TELL the joke.  She EXPLAINS the joke.   Once again, that part is even more funny than the joke itself.  It’s like she thinks you won’t get it, so she just keeps on explaining it until you say “Ok, I got it!”

Today, this is how it went:

Lovebug: “I have a joke for you!  How many paws does a bear have?”

Me: “Ummm, 4?”

L: “One.  One Pa, and one Ma”

Me: “That’s good!” (lots of laughs)

L: (continues) “Get it?  Pa? Like his dad! He has one dad and one mom. He has 4 paws, but this is Pa like his DAD, you know because Pa means Dad.”

Me: “Yep! I get it, that’s why I’m laughing!”

2 comments to My daughter is a comedian!

  • Hahaha! So cute!
    I love reading your blog.

    One of our Year 4 boys came up to us today and said “Do you want to hear my new joke I made up?”
    Of course I agreed.
    He sang “Debit card, debit card, debit debit debit card” while swinging his hips and doing dramatic arms. We cracked up! The other teacher said “Todd, that’s not a joke.”
    His answer was “I know, but it’s funny!”

  • Allison

    Hi Stacy,

    Very cute jokes!

    I left a comment a while back on your post about approaching the mother in WalMart. I appreciate your reaching out to me via email, and just wanted to let you know my youngest daughter was in fact diagnosed with SPD just last week! I plan on checking in here every once in a while to read about your adventures with you little one. Thanks for writing! -Allison

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