Bugs & Ice Cream

Tuesday was “Letter B” day here in school! After getting our other subjects done, we took science on the go, and headed to the local nature and science museum to watch the IMAX version of “Bugs! A Rainforest Adventure”. Just another reason I LOVE homeschooling! We got our work done in less than 2 hours and had the rest of the day for adventure.


It was a great movie with a bug’s eye view of the circle of life in the insect world.  It was perfect for Lovebug because she loves studying bugs! Her favorite one in the movie was the praying mantis – we got to see it devour a fly & a butterfly! We were the only ones in the entire theatre today – so fun! It was also good because my sweet daughter tends to talk constantly during a movie as she notices every detail or asks questions so it was nice to just let her go without asking her to quiet down.

Of course, no trip to the museum is complete without one of these:

2011-01-10 072

Remember those? I used to love getting this every time I went to the museum on a field trip as a kid.  Now it’s even made with natural coloring (YAY!) so Lovebug & I can enjoy it together.  Sharing this with her is so sweet as I get to share a bit of my childhood with her.

What? Don’t you like your ice cream freeze dried?  Come on, doesn’t that look tasty?  Maybe not, but there is just something irresistible about it.

2011-01-10 073

2011-01-10 074

After the museum, we stopped by Half Price Books to pick out a book on bugs.  My love of Half Price Books was reinforced yet again as I saw 3 different books on bugs there that I had just seen in the museum gift shop for more than twice the price!  I love discount books.  Lovebug picked out a Pocket Guide to Bugs that I can already tell will not leave her side anytime soon.

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