SNOW! Nature’s Sensory Playground

It’s snowed in Texas today! A lot! In our city, we got 3 inches, but I know those further north got even more.

2011-01-09 045

Here is what Lovebug thought about it:

For our sensory seeker, snow is one of the best things ever! She doesn’t even mind getting bundled up for it.  Of course, she’s worn the same coat and snow pants/overalls for 3 winters now. We might be in trouble when she finally outgrows it and we have to get new ones.

2011-01-09 003

She loves to crawl around, roll around, make snow angels, and slide in the snow.  Lots of physical activity!  She also loves to EAT the snow…lots and lots and lots of it. I mean, I like to eat (clean) snow too – who doesn’t?  This girl could win a competition though.  Hey, she’s always wondering about getting in the Guiness Book of World Records – maybe she could eat the most snow!

2011-01-09 008 2011-01-09 012 2011-01-09 026

We had snowball fights, built a snowman (I made her push the balls around for some heavywork!) and she used a spray bottle filled with water and (natural) food coloring to decorate the snow with a message for Daddy (I helped!).

2011-01-09 027 2011-01-09 034

It wore her out! After a while I made her come inside for a break.  She started arguing over silly things and then through her tears was telling me “I’m not tired!”.  Ummm, that’s a pretty good sign that she is extremely tired!  So, I brought her inside to take a break from all the excitement and get some food in her tummy. It’s a hard life sitting by the fire watching a movie and having your warm tea & grilled cheese delivered to you.  Doesn’t this look miserable?

2011-01-09 040

After some rest, we went back outside for one more round until she couldn’t take it anymore.

2011-01-09 062

After a warm bath and a nice bowl of chili for dinner, she was ready to crash in her bed!  She didn’t even want me to read to her tonight, she was just exhausted. All that physical activity was great for her, and hopefully she’ll sleep well tonight.

It was an awesome day! We even had snow ice cream a couple times in there somewhere. Lots of playing, laughing, and just having fun with my little girl! I wish Daddy had been here, but maybe there will be snow wherever we move.

2011-01-09 017

I hope it sticks so we can play some more tomorrow! She also wants to look at the snow under the microscope to see if we can see the flakes.  Snow Science! I can’t wait!

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